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Donaldson Center Airport (GYH) in Greenville, South Carolina


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Historical Itinerant Operations - Donaldson Center Airport

Historical Local Operations - Donaldson Center Airport

Donaldson Center Airport (GYH)
GeneralType: Airport, Status: Operational, Acivation Date: 04/01/1943, Runways: 1, Land Area Covered By Airport: 1300 acres, Ownership: Publicly owned, Facility Use: Open to public, Site Number: 22310.*A, Location ID: GYH, Region: Southern, District Office: ATL, Unicom Frequency: 122.700 MHz, Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF): 133.325 MHz, Traffic Pattern Altitude: 800, Aeronautical sectional chart: Atlanta, Tie-In FSS: No, Tie-In FSS ID: AND, Tie-In FSS Name: Anderson, Tie-In FSS Toll-Free Number: 1-800-WX-BRIEF, Elevation: 955 ft, Elevation determination method: Surveyed, Air traffic control tower: Yes, Boundary ARTCC (FAA) computer ID: ZCT, Boundary ARTCC ID: ZTL, Boundary ARTCC Name: Atlanta, Airspace Determination: Not Analyzed, Certification Type & Date: IV A U 09/1985, Federal Agreements: NGY, NOTAM Service: Yes, NOTAM Facility ID: GYH, Last Inspection Date: 12/10/2009, Inspection Group: FAA airports field personnel, Inspection Method: Federal
LocationState: South Carolina, County: Greenville, City: Greenville, GPS (Degrees): Lat: 34 45' 29.949'', Lng: -82 22' 35.094'', GPS (Seconds): Lat: 34.758319, Lng: -82.376415, GPS determination method: Estimated, Position Source: NGS, Distance from central business district: 6 mi (S), Find on map >>
OwnerGreenville City/County, 2 Exchange St, Greenville, Sc 29605, 864-277-3152ManagerPeter Cevallos, 2 Exchange St, Greenville, Sc 29605, 864-277-3152
OperationsPeriod: 10/31/2008 - 10/31/2009, Air Taxi Operations: 4,401, Itinerant Operations: 17,046, Local Operations: 21,026, Military Operations: 2,902
AircraftSingle Engine Aircraft: 32, Multi Engine Aircraft: 7
AdditionalFuel Types: 100LLA, Magnetic Variation: 4W (Year 1985), Beacon Color: Clear-green (lighted land airport), Bulk Oxygen Type: High pressure, Lighting Schedule: Dusk-Dawn, Airframe repair service availability/type: Major, Power Plant repair service availability/type: Major, Customs Airport Of Entry: No, Customs Landing Rights: No, Military/civil joint use agreement: No, Military Landing Rights: Yes, Non-Commercial Landing Fee: No, Transient storage: HGR,TIE, Wind direction indicator: Y-L, Segmented circle airport marker system: Yes, Other services: CARGO,CHTR
Runway 1
GeneralID: '05/23, Length: 8000 ft, Width: 150 ft, Runway Surface Type Condition: Portland cement concrete, Good condition, Runway Surface Treatment: Saw-cut or plastic grooved, Runway Weight Bearing Capacity: Single Wheel: 30,000 lbs, Dual Wheel: 120,000 lbs, Dual Tandem Wheel: 200,000 lbs, Edge Lights Intensity: High
Base EndBase End ID: '05, True Alignment: 40, Instrument Landing System (ILS) Type: Instrument landing system, Right Traffic Pattern: Yes, Runway Markings Type: Precision instrument, Markings Condition: Good, Physical GPS (Degrees): Lat: 34 44' 59.630'', Lng: -82 23' 05.890'', Physical GPS (Seconds): Lat: 34.749897, Lng: -82.384969, Physical Elevation: 955 ft, Threshold Crossing Height: 60.0 ft, Glide Path Angle: 0.03 , Elevation At Touchdown Zone: 955.0 ft, Visual Glide Slope Indicators: P4L, Approach Light System: MALSR, Runway End Identifier Lights (REIL): No, FAA FAR Part 77 Category: PIR, Object Clear Slope: 50, Position Source: AVN (02/08/2007), Elevation Source: AVN (02/08/2007), Touchdown Zone Elevation Source: AVN (02/08/2007)
Reciprocal EndReciprocal End ID: '23, True Alignment: 220, Right Traffic Pattern: No, Runway Markings Type: Precision instrument, Markings Condition: Good, Physical GPS (Degrees): Lat: 34 46' 00.270'', Lng: -82 22' 04.290'', Physical GPS (Seconds): Lat: 34.766742, Lng: -82.367858, Physical Elevation: 918 ft, Threshold Crossing Height: 80.0 ft, Glide Path Angle: 0.04 , Elevation At Touchdown Zone: 937.0 ft, Visual Glide Slope Indicators: P4L, Controlling Object Description: TREES, FAA FAR Part 77 Category: Other than utility, Object Clear Slope: 33, Object Height: 42 ft, Object Distance From Runway: 1600.0 ft, Object Offset From Runway: 650L ft, Position Source: AVN (02/08/2007), Elevation Source: AVN (02/08/2007), Touchdown Zone Elevation Source: AVN (02/08/2007)
National Wildlife Strike Incidents
2008-07-05Time: Day (15:00), Sky: No Cloud, Precipation: None, Operator: Privately Owned, Aircraft: GRUMAMER AA5 (Airplane), Mass: <= 2,250 kg, Engines: 1, Power Type: Reciprocating engine (piston), Registration: N6044L, Remains Collected: No, Runway: 2, Above Ground: 1 ft, Speed: 60 knots, Phase of Flight: Approach, Birds Seen: 1, Birds Struck: 1, Species: BIRD - MEDIUM, Size: Medium, Pilot warned of birds/wildlife: Yes, Strikes/Damages: Struck Landing Gear, Effect On Flight: None, Report Type: FAA Form 5200-7-E
Comments: OPER = MARTIN PRYOR xxxx-x-xx-xxxxxx
2005-10-14Time: Dawn (07:28), Sky: Some Cloud, Precipation: None, Operator: Usa Jet Airlines, Aircraft: DA-20 FALCON (Airplane), Mass: 5,701 - 27,000 kg, Engines: 2, Power Type: Turbofan, Registration: N826AA, Remains Collected: No, Runway: 23, Above Ground: 4500 ft, Speed: 250 knots, Phase of Flight: Climb, Birds Struck: 2-10, Species: BIRD - SMALL, Size: Small, Damage: Minor, Strikes/Damages: Struck & Damaged Engine 1, Effect On Flight: Precautionary Landing, Report Type: FAA Form 5200-7-E
FAA Registered Aircraft Manufacturers and Dealers: 13 (See the full list of FAA Registered Manufacturers and Dealers in Greenville)
FAA Registered Aircraft: 144 (See the full list of FAA Registered Aircraft)

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