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426 Dalzell Way
    Wilmerding, PA 15148
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Owner description: Regular
Fair market land value: $8,000
Fair market total value: $42,300
County assessed value for land: $8,000
County assessed value total: $24,300
Local assessed value for land: $8,000
Local assessed value total: $42,300
Assessment for tax year: 2014
Sum of area of land: 5,100 square feet
Land use: Single Family
Tax status: Taxable
Class: Residential


Architectural style: Old Style
Number of stories: 2
Year property was built: 1925
Exterior wall: Frame
Roof: Shingle
Basement: Full
Grade: Below Average
Condition: Average
Total rooms: 6
Bedrooms: 3
Full baths: 1
Half baths: 1
Heating and cooling: Central Heat with AC
Garage for: 1 car
Total living area: 1,910 square feet
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