FCC Registered Amateur Radio Licenses in Cecilia, Kentucky - Ham Radio

Call Sign: KA4BYA, Licensee ID: L00343699Grant Date: 05/05/2006, Expiration Date: 06/06/2016, Certifier: M D HillRegistrant: M D Hill, 244 Fife Ln, Cecilia, KY 42724
Call Sign: KA4TPE, Licensee ID: L01147687Grant Date: 05/05/2006, Expiration Date: 06/17/2016Registrant: Margaret I Hill, 244 Fife Ln, Cecilia, KY 42724
Call Sign: KB4VIO, Licensee ID: L01215547Grant Date: 11/21/2006, Expiration Date: 02/07/2017, Certifier: Floyd DodsonRegistrant: Floyd Dodson, 1788 Bethleham Academy Rd, Cecilia, KY 42724
Call Sign: KC4IFI, Licensee ID: L01429162Grant Date: 09/06/2008, Expiration Date: 10/19/2018Registrant: Marlin W Studer, 629 Nacke Pike, Cecilia, KY 42724
Call Sign: KD4VAQGrant Date: 12/29/1992, Expiration Date: 12/29/2002, Cancellation Date: 12/30/2004Registrant: William C Weller, 8540 Hardinsburg Rd, Cecilia, KY 42724
Call Sign: KD4VOS, Licensee ID: L00607532Grant Date: 12/13/2012, Expiration Date: 03/09/2023, Certifier: Michael E WheelerRegistrant: Michael E Wheeler, 42 Fife Ln, Cecilia, KY 42724
Call Sign: KD4YICGrant Date: 02/23/1993, Expiration Date: 02/23/2003, Cancellation Date: 02/24/2005Registrant: Irene A Dodson, 1788 Bethlehem Acdy Rd, Cecilia, KY 42724
Call Sign: KF4RAB, Licensee ID: L01453172Grant Date: 12/17/2008, Expiration Date: 04/21/2017, Certifier: Richard D ComptonRegistrant: Richard D Compton, 5442 North Long Grove Rd, Cecilia, KY 42724
Call Sign: KF4VXT, Licensee ID: L01368652Grant Date: 02/13/2008, Expiration Date: 02/25/2018Registrant: David C Casey, 222 Watson Ln, Cecilia, KY 42724
Call Sign: N3PGW, Licensee ID: L00149272Grant Date: 07/03/2003, Expiration Date: 09/21/2013, Certifier: Calvin E Reames JrRegistrant: Calvin E Reames Jr, 11028 Saint John Road, Cecilia, KY 42724
Call Sign: N4GWV, Licensee ID: L01281451Grant Date: 05/09/2007, Expiration Date: 05/22/2017Registrant: Phillip M Jockell, 201 Joseph Ave, Cecilia, KY 42724-9635
Call Sign: N8YQV, Licensee ID: L00174483Grant Date: 03/01/2003, Expiration Date: 05/18/2013, Cancellation Date: 09/22/2007, Certifier: Brian R BarhorstRegistrant: Brian R Barhorst, 5294 North Long Grove Road, Cecilia, KY 42724
Call Sign: W6MXV, Licensee ID: L00233820Grant Date: 01/01/2008, Expiration Date: 01/01/2018Registrant: Michael W Tallent, 2637 Yates Chapel Rd, Cecilia, KY 42724
Call Sign: WD4KBP, Licensee ID: L00433733Grant Date: 10/10/2008, Expiration Date: 10/10/2018, Certifier: David R RiddleRegistrant: David R Riddle, Cecilia, KY 42724-0080
Call Sign: KD5OCC, Licensee ID: L00347343Grant Date: 04/19/2011, Expiration Date: 04/17/2021, Certifier: Danny A SimonRegistrant: Danny A Simon, 1820 Yates Chapel Rd, Cecilia, KY 42724
Call Sign: KG4QGR, Licensee ID: L00424359Grant Date: 11/27/2001, Expiration Date: 11/27/2011, Certifier: Steven T EdwardsRegistrant: Steven T Edwards, 24 Casablanca Ct, Cecilia, KY 42724
Call Sign: KK4DEO, Licensee ID: L01651122Grant Date: 07/19/2011, Expiration Date: 07/19/2021, Certifier: Woodrow W WillRegistrant: Woodrow W Will, 46 N Sunset Ave, Cecilia, KY 42724
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