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FCC Registered Amateur Radio Licenses in Commerce, California

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Full list of 17 FCC Registered Amateur Radio Licenses in Commerce, CA:

Call Sign: KB6WSF
Grant Date: 01/03/1989, Expiration Date: 01/03/1999, Cancellation Date: 01/04/2001
Registrant: Douglas E Morrow, Commerce, CA 90091

Call Sign: KC6IPW, Licensee ID: L00278889
Grant Date: 08/05/2010, Expiration Date: 08/05/2020
Registrant: Teresa M Dellarosa Mrs, Po Box 911223, Commerce, CA 90091-1223

Call Sign: KC6KJA
Grant Date: 04/17/1990, Expiration Date: 04/17/2000, Cancellation Date: 04/18/2002
Registrant: Rose M Romero, 2249 Strong Ave, Commerce, CA 90040

Call Sign: KC6LQE
Grant Date: 05/29/1990, Expiration Date: 05/29/2000, Cancellation Date: 05/30/2002
Registrant: William L Welbourn, 2491 Leo Ave, Commerce, CA 90040

Call Sign: KC6LZR
Grant Date: 06/19/1990, Expiration Date: 06/19/2000, Cancellation Date: 06/20/2002
Registrant: David Alaniz, 4930 Astor Ave, Commerce, CA 90040

Call Sign: KC6ORD
Grant Date: 10/30/1990, Expiration Date: 10/30/2000, Cancellation Date: 10/31/2002
Registrant: Jose C Mora, 7516 1/2 Wellman St, Commerce, CA 90040

Call Sign: KD6MQU
Grant Date: 08/11/1992, Expiration Date: 08/11/2002, Cancellation Date: 08/12/2004
Registrant: Jose Guzman, 4575 Leonis St, Commerce, CA 90040

Call Sign: KD6UAG, Licensee ID: L00620674
Grant Date: 01/17/2013, Expiration Date: 04/06/2023, Certifier: Juan F Reyes
Registrant: Juan F Reyes, 6749 Agra St, Commerce, CA 90040

Call Sign: KD6UPZ
Grant Date: 04/27/1993, Expiration Date: 04/27/2003, Cancellation Date: 04/28/2005
Registrant: Melissa A Stokes, 2236 Ranson St, Commerce, CA 90040

Call Sign: KD6VDS
Grant Date: 05/11/1993, Expiration Date: 05/11/2003, Cancellation Date: 05/12/2005
Registrant: Denise Pinuelas, 4859 Astor Ave, Commerce, CA 90040

Call Sign: KE6UVU
Grant Date: 06/06/1995, Expiration Date: 06/06/2005, Cancellation Date: 06/07/2007
Registrant: Miguel Mendoza, 4456 Tuttle St, Commerce, CA 90023

Call Sign: KF6MGO
Grant Date: 06/24/1997, Expiration Date: 06/24/2007, Cancellation Date: 06/25/2009
Registrant: Ana R Perez, 2214 Strong Ave, Commerce, CA 90040-2114

Call Sign: KF6MRG, Licensee ID: L01475275
Grant Date: 03/17/2009, Expiration Date: 07/03/2018, Certifier: Chris M Parra
Registrant: Chris M Parra, 6578 Ferguson Dr, Commerce, CA 90022

Call Sign: KG6CMH, Licensee ID: L00268269
Grant Date: 04/19/2010, Expiration Date: 07/13/2020, Certifier: Mary A Gibson
Registrant: Mary A Gibson, 4927 Jillson St, Commerce, CA 90040-1103

Call Sign: KG6CQP, Licensee ID: L00272202
Grant Date: 07/27/2000, Expiration Date: 07/27/2010, Cancellation Date: 07/28/2012, Certifier: Ramona R Ruiz
Registrant: Ramona R Ruiz, 2547 Boris Ave, Commerce, CA 90040

Call Sign: KI6UPC, Licensee ID: L01290659
Grant Date: 12/02/2008, Expiration Date: 12/02/2018, Certifier: Albert C Williams
Registrant: Albert C Williams, 5400 E Olympic Blvd, Suite 225, Commerce, CA 90022-5154

Call Sign: KI6UZL, Licensee ID: L01456507
Grant Date: 01/05/2009, Expiration Date: 01/05/2019, Certifier: Michael Matos
Registrant: Michael Matos, 5041 Astor Ave, Commerce, CA 90040

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