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FCC Registered Amateur Radio Licenses in Riva, Maryland - Ham Radio

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Call Sign: K3PK, Previous Call Sign: N3PK, Licensee ID: L01243005, Grant Date: 02/08/2007, Expiration Date: 04/01/2017, Registrant: Peter E Katz, 345 Derbyshire Ln, Riva, MD 21140
Call Sign: KA3ODA, Grant Date: 04/04/1995, Expiration Date: 04/04/2005, Cancellation Date: 04/05/2007, Registrant: Angela Cross, 3003 Bass Pl, Riva, MD 21140
Call Sign: KA3SYX, Grant Date: 04/12/1988, Expiration Date: 04/12/1998, Cancellation Date: 04/13/2000, Registrant: Alan P Guy, 3072 Riva Rd, Riva, MD 21140
Call Sign: KB2RTL, Licensee ID: L00880892, Grant Date: 07/22/2014, Expiration Date: 09/19/2024, Certifier: Valerie A Pendrick, Registrant: Valerie A Pendrick, 254 Brookline Ct, Riva, MD 21140
Call Sign: KB3CSN, Licensee ID: L01383951, Grant Date: 03/26/2008, Expiration Date: 06/11/2018, Certifier: William P Doolan, Registrant: William P Doolan, Riva, MD 21140-0312
Call Sign: KU4CG, Licensee ID: L00277751, Grant Date: 07/06/2011, Expiration Date: 07/06/2021, Certifier: Donald W Smith, Registrant: Donald W Smith, 3098 Newington Dr., Riva, MD 21140
Call Sign: N2FQF, Licensee ID: L00997826, Grant Date: 01/30/2015, Expiration Date: 04/26/2025, Registrant: Samuel E Messinger, 3204 Menia Street, Riva, MD 21140
Call Sign: N2LHK, Licensee ID: L00476408, Grant Date: 07/17/2012, Expiration Date: 07/17/2022, Registrant: Edward B Schwartz, 1382 Escapade Court, Riva, MD 21140
Call Sign: N3CZP, Grant Date: 01/12/1998, Expiration Date: 01/12/2008, Cancellation Date: 01/13/2010, Registrant: Steven D Uhthoff, 3052 Pike Dr, Riva, MD 21140
Call Sign: N3GCO, Licensee ID: L00246854, Grant Date: 10/14/2010, Expiration Date: 11/20/2020, Registrant: Robert A Levin, 1293 Keystone Ct, Riva, MD 21140
Call Sign: N3UJZ, Licensee ID: L00471018, Grant Date: 05/26/2005, Expiration Date: 02/03/2015, Certifier: Opal L Gibbs, Registrant: Opal L Gibbs, Riva, MD 21140
Call Sign: N3VQC, Licensee ID: L01003718, Grant Date: 04/27/2015, Expiration Date: 06/15/2025, Certifier: John C Wood, Registrant: John C Wood, 387 Berkshire Drive, Riva, MD 21140
Call Sign: N3XWL, Licensee ID: L01150560, Grant Date: 05/11/2006, Expiration Date: 07/26/2016, Certifier: Kevin J Gibbs, Registrant: Kevin J Gibbs, Riva, MD 21140
Call Sign: W3OU, Previous Call Sign: KJ4G, Licensee ID: L00733430, Grant Date: 09/22/2007, Expiration Date: 10/16/2017, Registrant: Stephen F Bonk, 564 Laurel Ct, Riva, MD 21140
Call Sign: W4ATN, Previous Call Sign: N3WNY, Licensee ID: L00128152, Grant Date: 07/08/2008, Expiration Date: 07/22/2018, Registrant: Albert P Bowling, 3116 Shrewsbury Ln, Riva, MD 21140-1413
Call Sign: WB8YOT, Licensee ID: L00233340, Grant Date: 04/01/2010, Expiration Date: 06/26/2020, Certifier: Edward P Mansfield Jr, Registrant: Edward P Mansfield Jr, 347 Cottswold Pl, Riva, MD 21140
Call Sign: KC0LKB, Licensee ID: L00401492, Grant Date: 07/02/2013, Expiration Date: 09/19/2022, Certifier: Stuart A Gott, Registrant: Stuart A Gott, 1276 Breakenridge Cir, Riva, MD 21140
Call Sign: KB3HOJ, Licensee ID: L00464660, Grant Date: 02/12/2002, Expiration Date: 02/12/2012, Cancellation Date: 02/13/2014, Certifier: Lisa N Charlson, Registrant: Lisa N Charlson, 202 Grisdale Hill, Riva, MD 21140
Call Sign: KB3RIL, Licensee ID: L01408788, Grant Date: 06/16/2008, Expiration Date: 06/16/2018, Certifier: Robert S Alexander, Registrant: Robert S Alexander, 252 Solway Ct, Riva, MD 21140
Call Sign: KB3TGQ, Licensee ID: L01511632, Grant Date: 08/10/2009, Expiration Date: 08/10/2019, Certifier: Debra A Connolly, Registrant: Debra A Connolly, 7 Cherry Rd, Riva, MD 21140
Call Sign: KJ6JRA, Licensee ID: L01582418, Grant Date: 07/13/2010, Expiration Date: 07/13/2020, Certifier: Bryan G Elsner, Registrant: Bryan G Elsner, 3073 Tudor Hall Road, Riva, MD 21140-1323
Call Sign: KB3VSM, Licensee ID: L01624357, Grant Date: 03/14/2011, Expiration Date: 03/14/2021, Certifier: Stephen F Carney, Registrant: Stephen F Carney, 301 Cove Rd, Riva, MD 21140-1225
Call Sign: KC3BAT, Licensee ID: L01780395, Grant Date: 07/25/2013, Expiration Date: 07/25/2023, Certifier: Tom J Venator Jr, Registrant: Tom J Venator Jr, 3138 Stonehenge Dr, Riva, MD 21140
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