FCC Registered Amateur Radio Licenses in South Miami, Florida - Ham Radio

Call Sign: K1MJS, Licensee ID: L00198400, Grant Date: 10/06/2003, Expiration Date: 12/28/2013, Registrant: Paul C Hunt, 6621 Sw 64th St, South Miami, FL 33143
Call Sign: K4UTL, Licensee ID: L01192058, Grant Date: 09/13/2006, Expiration Date: 12/10/2016, Certifier: Ronald Gaby, Registrant: Ronald Gaby, 6832 Sw 68 St, South Miami, FL 33143
Call Sign: KA4SEW, Licensee ID: L01171996, Grant Date: 07/12/2006, Expiration Date: 10/10/2016, Certifier: Giovanni Sardinas, Registrant: Giovanni Sardinas, 4248 Sw 62 Ave, South Miami, FL 33155
Call Sign: KB2HAH, Grant Date: 11/30/1993, Expiration Date: 11/30/2003, Cancellation Date: 12/01/2005, Registrant: Betty E Mendez, 7640 Sw 59 Ave, South Miami, FL 33143
Call Sign: KB4HRV, Licensee ID: L00767207, Grant Date: 11/12/2003, Expiration Date: 01/04/2014, Registrant: Jose J Basulto Jr, 5790 Sw 84 St, South Miami, FL 33143
Call Sign: KC4UYZ, Licensee ID: L00295553, Grant Date: 10/05/2010, Expiration Date: 12/24/2020, Registrant: David Landowne, 6926 Sw 62 Ct, South Miami, FL 33143
Call Sign: KD4ATN, Grant Date: 02/25/1992, Expiration Date: 02/25/2002, Cancellation Date: 02/26/2004, Registrant: Frederick W Buch, 6880 Sw 78 Ter, South Miami, FL 33143
Call Sign: KD4MXJ, Grant Date: 04/14/1992, Expiration Date: 04/14/2002, Cancellation Date: 04/15/2004, Registrant: Jose Fernandez, 111262 Sw 7 St, South Miami, FL 33174
Call Sign: KE4JXS, Licensee ID: L00399607, Grant Date: 12/11/2003, Expiration Date: 02/22/2014, Certifier: John C Fornash, Registrant: John C Fornash, 7515 Sw 59 Ave 7, South Miami, FL 33143
Call Sign: KE4MCN, Licensee ID: L00828015, Grant Date: 03/10/2004, Expiration Date: 05/31/2014, Certifier: Michael M Chwick, Registrant: Michael M Chwick, South Miami, FL 33243
Call Sign: KS4PS, Licensee ID: L00791102, Grant Date: 01/02/2004, Expiration Date: 03/29/2014, Certifier: Rogelio Muniz, Registrant: Rogelio Muniz, 6338 Sw 42 St, South Miami, FL 33155
Call Sign: N4UZJ, Licensee ID: L00245088, Grant Date: 02/25/2009, Expiration Date: 03/05/2019, Registrant: Peyton R Anness, 5901 Sw 63rd Ave, South Miami, FL 33143
Call Sign: WB4VJH, Licensee ID: L00353004, Grant Date: 05/02/2001, Expiration Date: 07/30/2011, Registrant: Charles T Flagler, South Miami, FL 33143
Call Sign: KG4PEK, Licensee ID: L00273705, Grant Date: 09/06/2001, Expiration Date: 09/06/2011, Certifier: Michael T Erwin, Registrant: Dr. Gilbert L. Porter Elementary Amateur Radio Club, South Miami, FL 33243-0776
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