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FCC Registered Amateur Radio Licenses in Wallis, Texas - Ham Radio

Call Sign: KC5DWJ, Licensee ID: L00762351, Grant Date: 07/23/2013, Expiration Date: 10/19/2023, Certifier: Frances A Cartesio, Registrant: Frances A Cartesio, 10833 Fm 1952, Wallis, TX 77485-9612
Call Sign: W5DMX, Licensee ID: L00184195, Grant Date: 06/17/1994, Expiration Date: 06/17/2004, Cancellation Date: 06/20/2006, Registrant: Willie A Jalowy, Box 274 327 First St, Wallis, TX 77485
Call Sign: W7NT, Licensee ID: L00784724, Grant Date: 12/23/2003, Expiration Date: 03/22/2014, Cancellation Date: 03/23/2016, Certifier: Rhio H Blair, Registrant: Rhio H Blair, 740 Johnston Rd, Wallis, TX 77485
Call Sign: WA5ADZ, Licensee ID: L01135174, Grant Date: 04/15/2016, Expiration Date: 06/12/2026, Certifier: William R Jalowy, Registrant: William R Jalowy, Wallis, TX 77485
Call Sign: NH7DC, Licensee ID: L00309723, Grant Date: 11/09/2010, Expiration Date: 12/28/2020, Cancellation Date: 12/29/2022, Certifier: Linda K Laughinghouse, Registrant: Linda K Laughinghouse, 1603 Dodge Ln, Wallis, TX 77485-9261
Call Sign: W5BBJ, Previous Call Sign: KD5NWW, Licensee ID: L00341358, Grant Date: 03/26/2011, Expiration Date: 06/19/2021, Certifier: Billy J Nixon, Registrant: Billy J Nixon, 819 Bobwhite Ln, Wallis, TX 77485
Call Sign: KH6LX, Previous Call Sign: N5IPS, Licensee ID: L00132053, Grant Date: 05/08/2012, Expiration Date: 05/08/2022, Certifier: Conrad R Laughinghouse, Registrant: Conrad R Laughinghouse, 1603 Dodge Ln, Wallis, TX 77485-9261
Call Sign: KE5QJL, Licensee ID: L01319752, Grant Date: 07/24/2019, Expiration Date: 08/31/2028, Certifier: Edward L Neeley, Registrant: Edward L Neeley, 712 Darlene Lane712 Darlene Lane, Wallis, TX 77485
Call Sign: KF5WZQ, Licensee ID: L01418909, Grant Date: 08/21/2013, Expiration Date: 08/21/2023, Certifier: Donald B Hodges, Registrant: Donald B Hodges, Wallis, TX 77485
Call Sign: WW5S, Previous Call Sign: KD5MVL, Licensee ID: L00315134, Grant Date: 02/20/2019, Expiration Date: 02/20/2029, Certifier: Michael F Perkins, Registrant: Michael F Perkins, 6222 Dubose St, Wallis, TX 77485-1109
Call Sign: KI5QVM, Licensee ID: L02465618, Grant Date: 07/13/2021, Expiration Date: 07/13/2031, Certifier: Erik K Wolf, Registrant: Erik K Wolf, 2564 Blakely Rd, Wallis, TX 77485
Call Sign: KI5YXM, Licensee ID: L02617021, Grant Date: 11/24/2022, Expiration Date: 11/24/2032, Certifier: Bradley A Sandlin, Registrant: Bradley A Sandlin, 36639 Indian Rd, Wallis, TX 77485
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