Alexandria Zoological Park in Alexandria, Louisiana

Founded in 1926, the Alexandria Zoological Park is located at 3016 Masonic Drive, in Alexandria, Louisiana. The zoo is owned by the City of Alexandria and encompasses 33 acres and has more than 600 animals. Alexandria Zoo is a member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and is open seven days per week and closed on Christmas Day, New Years and Thanksgiving.

The zoo has some of the most unique and interesting exhibits in the country. The African Crocodile Exhibit features a large pond for two species of crocodiles and two large glass viewing windows that allows guests to get nose to nose with these ancient giants. The exhibit contains two Nile crocodiles and Slender-snout crocodiles within a simulated habitat. The environment of these animals has been threatened by habitat destruction and for the value of their hides. The zoo is dedicated to the preservation and breeding of crocodiles through research and education.

The Colobus Monkey exhibit is another popular attraction at the Alexandria Zoo. These endangered arboreal primates are hunted in areas of Central Africa for their luxurious pelts of black and white fur. On August 5th, 2008, a Colobus monkey was born at the zoo and is now on display in the exhibit with other adult monkeys.

The Red River Hogs exhibit features five hogs on display. On October 22nd, 2008, the zoo welcomed three new piglets into the family, two boys and a girl. These omnivorous members of the pig family hail from central and southern Africa and have beautiful coats of red and white hair. Guests are invited to come and say hello the Red River Hog family when visiting the zoo.

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums has issued an amphibian alert due to the fact that populations of frogs, toads, newts, salamanders and caecilians are diminishing at an alarming rate. The zoo joined up with several other amphibian specialist groups who study these endangered amphibians. Visitors are invited to tour the zoos extensive collection of African Clawed frogs, Eastern Spadefoot frogs, the Gray Treefrog, the Squirrel Treefrog, Spotted salamanders, Mole salamanders and Eastern newts.

The zoo is avidly devoted to animal and environmental preservation efforts. Throughout the year there are several educational activities and festivals held on the grounds of the zoo. During the year conservation programs are centered on such animals as the Louisiana Black Bear, the Red Wolf, the Indochinese Tiger, the Aldabra Tortoise and the Tayra.

The Alexandria Zoo is involved in field conservation programs, breeding programs and animal and habitat research. The zoo works in conjunction with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in a Red Wolf Recovery program and the Louisiana Black Bear Program. Through its various educational programs and commitment to wildlife preservation, visitors to the zoo will walk away with a new perception and fascination about the animal world.

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