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Privately owned, the Arrowhead Crystal Mine is just outside the city of Mount Ida. The crystal mine has produced several award winning specimens. Finds include clear point quartz, Blue Phantom, and all kinds of hued crystals.

The most popular part of the mine is the fee digging section. The pricing does get a bit complicated, however. There is a standard base fee of $20.00 per person over the age of nine years old, and children under age nine can dig for free if they are accompanied by a paying adult. On top of the base fee this organization offers four digging packages that start at $100.00, depending on what buyers would like to do.

Arrowhead Crystal Mine does not rent tools, as guests are encouraged to bring their own. The tools needed include a flathead screwdriver, long crowbars, three pound hand mallet, two or three inch wide tip chisels with hand guards, small garden tools, rock picks, and safety glasses. It is also recommended that visitors wear old clothes and gloves. Crystals can be sharp and flying splinters have been known to cut guests. The gloves and safety glasses will protect hands and eyes from accidents.

The mine is open all year round, weather permitting, and the road sign has a portion that will inform visitors if the property is open or closed. The road leading to the mine is passable for most passenger cars, but it is a gravel road, so compact cars might encounter some difficulty.

Visitors to this establishment say the staff is quite knowledgeable and responsive to questions. The crystals are plentiful, although most are small to medium in size. Large crystals can be found as well, and the policy of this company is finder's keepers, up to whatever can be found and transported during a visit. In addition to the fee digging they offer both wholesale and retail crystal sales.

Calling in advance for pricing and hours is highly recommended since Arrowhead Crystal Mine does not have set operating hours. For more information call (870) 326-4443 or (501) 538-9627.

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