Bartels Mancos Valley Stage line and Museum - Mancos, CO - take an authentic stagecoach tour of the valley

The stageline provides a family experience and lets' kids shoot bows and arrows and BB guns before the dinner is served. Bartels Mancos Valley Stageline and Museum serves guests a steak The Bartels Mancos Valley Stage line and Museum in Mancos, Colorado is located at 4550 County Road 41 and offers authentic stage coach tours in addition to memorabilia for patrons. The museum is owned by Lizzie and Eric Bartels who are preserving the history of the stagecoach with tours through Weber Canyon and drivers that are knowledgeable about the history not only of the stagecoach but the area as well.

Passengers paid two hundred dollars to take the stagecoach eighteen hours a day twenty-four days in a row during the 1800's. Now the rides are less expensive and have dinner or lunch available and it's a lot safer. The top seat gives the best view from the stage coach and Eric Bartels might let you hold the reins to make your experience even more pleasurable for you as you travel through the canyon.

Eric Bartels and his horses were in the movie "The Missing.'' The stagecoach drivers at the Bartels Mancos Valley Stage line and Museum will go through the history of stagecoaches in America's West. The drivers tell passengers about the types of coaches and the specific reasons they were developed. There are facts of interest about the frontier of the Old West, importance of the expansion of the stage line and settling the West so that patrons get the full picture of just how vital this first method of transportation was. The coaches take visitors through Weber Canyon to give them a picture of how the West actually was before mass transit.

The tour through Weber Canyon is an hour long and leaves at various times during the day. There are also lunch and dinner rides available. The guests of the museum receive brisket for lunch and steak for dinner both with all sides. Four horses are used to draw the stagecoaches and the rides last the length and follow the path of the original stagecoaches. The coaches have the capacity to hold twelve people comfortably because of Will Stones restorations to them.

dinner after the ride. When guests arrive at the barn they are introduced to the Bartels Mancos Valley Stageline and Museum's crew. The stagecoach drivers tell visitors of the area's history from their viewpoint as a driver.

Passengers on the stagecoach at the Bartles Mancos Valley Stageline and Museum should inquire about visiting ancient Indian sites such as the Anasazi Heritage Center. Those that wish to explore the area of Mancos further can stay in one of the hotels around the area and make it a full vacation.

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Mar 14, 2018 @ 9:09 am
We have been calling and we finally got an answer. It was the post office. She said Bartels had been closed for years.

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