Black Pine Animal Park - Albion, IN - Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Northeastern Indiana

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The Black Pine Animal Park in Albion, Indiana is a not for profit animal sanctuary. The park is the last chance for rescued, neglected or abandoned exotic species. They are registered as a Professional Animal Retirement Center and that is exactly what it says it is. Once an animal is placed at Black Pine Animal Park they have a home for life. The pervasive message that the park would like to get across is that exotic animals do not make good pets. It is usually a negative experience for the pet owner and does long term damage to the exotic pet that does not have its proper habitat. Their main focus is conservation and preservation of these exotic animals.

The park houses north American Black Bears, Macaws, Emus, Moluccan Cockatoo, Rheas, Senegal Parrot, African and Asian Leopards, African Lion, Bobcats, North American Western Cougar, Baboon, Chimpanzee, Greater Bush Baby, Lion Tailed Macaques, Rhesus Macaques Moneys, Ball Python, Bearded Dragon, Black Rat Snake, Boa Constrictor, Burmese Python, Corn Snake, Green Iguana, American Alligator, Sulcata Tortoise, Patagonian Cavy, Coati Mundi, Dromedary Camel, goats, Kinkajous, llamas, Sicilian Donkey, Miniature Horse, and rabbits. The Black Pine Animal Park does not specialize in any one species of exotic animal and considers accepting any exotic animal in need.

The park offers field trips geared to all levels of education and the overall message within the filed trips is to be a responsible pet owner. The summer season guided tours are self guided, staff guided, feeding, private and educational. Each tour has a specific agenda and purpose. The feeding tour is considered a special event of the park and reservations are required. The park offers a special series of kids' camps that educate children on the different aspects of the exotics animal. Terrific textures, poopology, wild artist camp, safari supper, and zooper Halloween. Contact the park for specific details of each camp as certain age ranges apply. The staff at the park consists of an onsite veterinarian and many keepers. A large percentage of the park is run by dedicated volunteers. The volunteer program is a ranking system with senior volunteers at the top of the tier, volunteer assistants, volunteer staff and junior volunteer zookeepers. The internship program is a non credit opportunity for graduates or continuing students to gain hands experience working with exotic animals and this will help further their careers in this field.

Black Pine Exotic Animal Park has several ways in which to donate funds or goods to the park. While shopping at, Barnes & Noble, Wal-Mart, Petsmart, Best Buy, and Lands End then choose support your cause or GoodShop and select Black Pine Animal Park and a portion of you purchase will be donated. Select Pine Charity Auctions while Shopping on Ebay and a portion of your purchase will be donated form the auction. The park has a detailed wish list of goods that can be donated. If a patron is willing to donate the park has developed a means to make giving easier. The park is open year round, but certain restrictions apply for hours of operation through out the year. The Black Pine Animal Park is located at 1426 W 300 N, Albion, IN, 46701. Phone 260-636-7383.

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Jul 31, 2014 @ 6:18 pm
In 2010, Black Pine Animal Park was re-named as "Black Pine Animal Sanctuary" to better represent the mission of the organization. Much of the information in this particular article is obsolete. Please visit for current information. Thank you! - Lori Gagen, Executive Director. 7/31/14.

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