Boreas Pass Road - Breckenridge, CO - a route winding through the Rocky Mountains

The Boreas Pass Road runs through the Colorado Rocky Mountains at the crest of the Front Range. It is on the continental divided on the border of Summit and Park counties and crosses dividing the headwaters of both the Blue River and the South Platte River. Forest Service Road 33 which is a gravel road traverses the Boreas Pass Road. Route 33 can be utilized with a two wheel drive when the weather is good but closes during the winter and is used by skiers.

The road that runs over the Boreas Pass Road heads north to Como which is in northern South Park to the northeast of Fairplay. The road cross the path leading to Breckenridge, it is an alternative to taking the Hoosier Pass and provides amazing views of Mount Silverheels, the Tenmile Range and the aspen trees.

Boreas Pass Road was originally the Breckenridge Pass during the 1860's. It was a route used by prospectors during the gold rush that were crossing from South Park in search of gold in the Blue valley around Breckenridge. It was widened to enable stagecoaches to use it during 1866 and during 1882 there were narrow gauge tracks laid on the pass. The pass was renamed Boreas by Sidney Dillion who had supervised the track lying to honor the Greek god of North Wind.

Boreas Pass Road is a dirt road that spans six miles and was once the home of the narrow gauge tracks that were laid. Those that wish to participate in recreation outdoors still use the road which was all but abandoned during the 1930's. Mountain bikers can enjoy the road; the paved road ends at a dirt pullout that can be used to park and get on the bikes.

The air begins to thin when you get to twelve thousand feet nearing the pass. There is an old ranger station and railroad camp on the pass. The south side of the Boreas Pass Road will take you the six to eight miles to both Como and South Park or you can simply go to Breckenridge and use the single track. An intermediate ride can be enjoyed on the single track which goes back to the dirt road near the parking lot.

Ken's Cabin and Section House are also found on the Boreas Pass. Section House was constructed during 1882 as a place for railroad families that cared for the railway that was used to go over Boreas Pass. Ken's Cabin which was first build during the 1860's is beside Section House. The original name of Ken's Cabin was Wagon Cabin and is one of the Breckenridge area's oldest buildings.

Wagon Cabin and the Section House nearly fell apart with the abandonment of Boreas Pass Road during the 1930's. In 1993 Colorado's Historic Society partnered with the US Forest Service to refurbish them. The building had been completely restored by 1996. Anyone that would like to enjoy a mountain bike ride through the Rocky Mountains should make a point to travel the Boreas Pass Road.

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Jul 3, 2015 @ 6:18 pm
how many miles is it from Como to Breck on boreas pass rd ?

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