Canobie Lake Park - Salem, New Hampshire - Family-Oriented Amusement Park

Canobie Lake Park is a family-oriented amusement park located in the city of Salem, New Hampshire. The park has been in operation for over 100 years and has grown steadily over that time as the park itself passed through several different sets of hands. Canobie really hit its stride and began to grow by leaps and bounds starting in 1958 when it was purchased by three close friends from New Jersey. It is currently considered to be one of the best value parks for families in the entire New England area. It is also widely known and acclaimed for the natural beauty of its landscaping that includes a beautiful front entry plaza and an 80-year-old spruce tree.

The main draw of any amusement or family theme park is, of course, the rides and attractions and this park has a wide selection of different options available to choose from. Canobie sets itself apart from a typical amusement park by making it easier for patrons to gauge the intensity of each ride by way of a rating system.

The mildest rides are the Green Circle rides. They are mild thrill rides that feature low speeds and are the most appropriate for young children and families. They include a beautiful antique carousel, antique cars, a sky ride, the Tiki Maze, and an extensive selection of attractions geared toward young children including a mini-dino ride, junior race cars, and a jungle bounce.

The intermediate intensity rides are the Blue Square rides. These rides feature moderate speeds and the possibility of unexpected movements, unusual physical forces, and unanticipated thrills. They include a number of water rides such as the Boston Tea Party, the Log Flume, and the Timber Splash. Roller coasters also figure into the mix with such attractions as the Yankee Cannonball and the Kiddie Dragon Coaster. These rides are appropriate for many children, although height restrictions do apply.

Last but not least is the most thrilling category of rides - the Black Diamond rides. These encompass Canobie's collection of high thrill, high speed attractions that are most appropriate for healthy riders of sound body with no known physical ailments or phobias. These rides generally feature highly unusual or stressful forces and include the popular Turkish twist ride, Xtreme Frisbee, the Starblaster, and the Corkscrew Coaster.

For visitors seeking a break from the rides for a moment, Canobie also features a popular midway area that includes many games to test skill and allow visitors the chance to win prizes. These include such expected traditional attractions such as skeeball, the Pitcher's Challenge, fool the guesser, and the Hi-Striker. A wooden nickel arcade is also part of the mix, as is an exciting rock wall.

Canobie Lake Park also hosts scheduled entertainment shows as well, but these vary from season to season, so those planning a visit would want to check the park's website or call ahead for current details. Shows are family oriented and usually center around music, magic, puppets, comedy, or dance.

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