Cascade Station - NE Portland, OR - a shopping mall near the Portland Airport

The proposal for Cascade Station was first made during 2001 and the center can now be found at Portland International Airport's gateway despite project having stalled and actual construction not beginning until 2005. The station was completed in 2007.

The Cascade Station project is extensive featuring offices, major retailers, and hotels in addition to a variety of other services. The project is connected to the Max light rail station offering easy access to Airport Way and Interstate 205. There is land available for further development in the form of four parcels ranging from almost six acres to almost thirteen acres. Long term leases of the land which is zone for general employment are available in addition to economic incentives for employment. Cascade Station is conveniently located nine miles from Portland's downtown.

Cascade Station covers 120 acres with the PDC owning the developmental rights to thirty-six acres of Cascade Station. Grubb and Ellis Company conduct the marketing of these thirty-six acres. There are over 7,000 jobs and almost $3 million dollars in taxes to be generated for the city. There are national and regional dining and shopping experiences available tax-free. There are places to purchase pet supplies, clothing, home dycor, electronics and sporting goods.

Cascade Station is open from 10am until 9pm Monday through Friday and from 11am until 6pm on Sunday. The hours of the restaurants and stores might vary; it is recommended that visitors contact them directly for the hours of operation. In order to assist in ensuring that guests have an enjoyable experience there are several amenities offered at Cascade Station. Among the amenities is professional security available twenty-four hours a day, and access to the Tri-met. There is also a tour and travel programs which allows visitors to receive a listing of discounts and other offers at the stores in Cascade Station when staying in nearby hotels. There is a courtesy shuttle available on the weekends.

Residence Inn by Marriot PDX is just one of the hotels located at Cascade Station allowing easy access to Portland and the Airport. The hotel offers a complementary shuttle to the airport, air conditioned rooms and a variety of other amenities in addition to being close to the variety of shops in Cascade Station. There are more than a thousand hotel rooms available from a variety of hotels at Cascade Station.

In addition to the numerous shops and the Cascade Station has outdoor secure parking for bikes and vehicles on site. The facilities include an exercise area, lounge and are handicap accessible. There is even a Bocce Ball court at the facilities.

Directions and additional information about the facilities can be gotten by contacting Cascade Station directly. The stores and restaurants housed in Cascade Station can provide visitors with additional information about their hours, promotions and sales by contacting them directly. In addition to providing a number of amenities the construction is also green with energy efficient fixtures for lighting, and skylights installed for lighting. It is the ultimate shopping experience in a comfortable environment.

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Jun 5, 2012 @ 12:12 pm
I agree with the first poster. The max train runs diecrtly out of the airport. You will not even have to get wet. There will be transit guides around the baggage pickup area if you need guidance as well as clearly marked signs directing you to the max. When you get off the MAX at the Rose Quarter transit center there are a number of buses the #4, the #44, #17 and even more that are headed downtown. The buses will head over the steel bridge and you will see the train station off to your right as you pass over the river. A big train station with a big neon sign that says GO BY RAIL. This will give you some bearing as to where you will be walking to. As soon as you are over the river pull the cord to request the soonest stop and it will drop you off at 3rd and Flanders. Walk 3 short blocks north by northwest and there you are. The train station is really cool and historic looking. If you do get confused don't hesitate to ask someone for directions most people in Portland are very friendly but be a little guarded between the bus stop and train station as there are some people that will ask you for change but they are harmless for the most part.

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