Cheesman Park, Denver, CO - Park

A very popular park in the heart of Denver, CO is called the Cheesman Park. This park has been around for a long time and is a favorite of many of the wealthier neighbors who live around it.

The Park dates back to around the turn of the century and was officially named in 1907. The present borders of the park are, however, somewhat unclear in places even today. It lies next to the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Walter Cheesman owned the property that included the land where Cheesman Park is now, the land of the Denver Botanical Gardens, and also the land of the Congress Park. At the time, it was the Prospect Hill Cemetery, which was largely disused. The cemetery was loosely divided into several sections, and each group was largely responsible for their own section - which was neglected.

This Park has an interesting history and still there are a number of questions unanswered. After a while, it was discovered that the cemetery's land was actually owned by the government through a treaty with the Arapaho Indians. This meant that the bodies would have to be removed - within 90 days. In the process, a scandal was discovered. The contractor was cheating on how much he was charging and other problems. This resulted in thousands of bodies never being moved - they are still buried on the land of both Cheesman Park and also underneath the Denver Botanical Gardens. A lot of grave robbing was also known to have taken place.

The beautiful pavilion that stands on the park grounds is also believed to have covered up bodies, as well. Anyway, some of the first people in the cemetery were known to be criminals and had been hanged. This has resulted in many tales of hauntings over the years. In fact, the film The Changeling is based on some of these reported experiences.

A large part of the park is open space and this makes it the ideal place for walking, sports, or other activities. The trail around the park is gravel. It is the perfect place for jogging, walking, picnicking, and sports. A children's playground is also available.

For those who go to the park, they will find that it provides an excellent view of the region. Visitors can see Pike's Peak and Mt. Evans, as well as other beautiful mountains and other sights.

After you have been to Cheesman Park in Denver, CO, you have opportunity to see many other places that are really great for the whole family. This includes the Denver Botanical Gardens, which are right next door. There are many different gardens here and exotic plants from all over the world. One of the gardens is a replica of One that was at Mount Vernon - George Washington's home.

When you get hungry, there are a number of restaurants and fast food places in the neighborhood - which is also called Cheesman Park. You can take your pick of the style of food you want, and you can be sure that it will be good, too. You can especially find ethnic foods, which includes Chinese, Korean, Thai, Ethiopian, Moroccan, and more.

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