Children's Museum in Easton, Easton, MA

North Easton, Massachusetts is home to an Old Fire Station, which was turned into the Children's Museum in Easton. The museum offers a place for local families and visitors to have fun learning. The exhibits are geared towards children, but adults often find some excitement within the walls of the museum. The exhibits are educational, cultural and social for children one to eight years of age. There are three floors with about 100 programs for kids to explore the world they live in.

In 1986 the idea for the museum was founded by four local residents. They felt a children's museum needed to be established, and being mothers helped their cause. With plenty of community support the museum was opened in 1991. Several residents and businesses donated the funds to get the exhibits and the Old Fire Station as the building. Today with visitors from Boston through to Providence, the museum sees about 50,000 people a year. There are over 850 members at the museum. They also have a mailing list that is made up of 18,000 families.

During the school year the hours of the museum change than what they are in the summer. For the school year the museum is open Tuesday through Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday and Sunday 12pm to 5pm. For some holidays the museum remains open. For example President's Day the museum is often open because students are out of school and need a place to have fun. The Wild Place is a section at the museum located outdoors. The hours will differ for this exhibit based on the weather. It opens from April 1st to November 30th. Admission is $6 per person, though any child under one is free.

The Wild Place is an outdoor center where children can learn about insects in the Butterfly Garden. There is a fossil pit for discovering ancient footprints, musical areas, and jungle gyms like the Rising Elephant or Treehouse. Children are able to let go out of doors to enjoy nature and play with others.

Indoor exhibits include Fetch Lab in which children learn from a Dog named Ruff Ruffman. With Ruff children can build a house, create a maze, or take part in the science and math activities. The Enchanted Forest is a lot like it sounds. Children get to rule a kingdom or become a royal jester. There are also puppets as part of this exhibit to make an entertaining show for all who visit.

Woodsy Camp and Cabin is all about lions, tigers, and bears. Children can set up camp in the wilderness experience with a fake camp fire and plenty of stories. The performance center is another area for children to use their imaginations and put on a play. There are sound effects, wardrobe, and make up to make a real show. Other exhibits include the Old Fishing Boat, Fire Pole, Arts and Crafts, Kids Clinic, and Kids Space. Anyone interested in learning how to work with wood can go to the Woodshop.

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Jan 10, 2014 @ 9:09 am
Updated information as of January 1st, 2014: Admission price to The Children's Museum in Easton is $9 per person, children under 1 are free

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