Coors Field in Denver, Colorado

Coors Field is the home of major league baseball team the Colorado Rockies, and is located at 2001 Blake Street, in Denver, Colorado. The stadium is named for the Coors Brewing Company, which purchased the naming rights to the park in 1995, prior to construction being completed. The Colorado Rockies played two seasons in Mile High Stadium before moving to Coors Field in 1995.

Groundbreaking for Coors Field began on October 16th, 1992, and the stadium was opened to the public on April 26th, 1995. The park was built at a cost of $300 million dollars, and was designed by the architecture firm of HOK Sport. Coors Field has a natural grass playing surface and a total seating capacity of 50,445 people, 63 luxury suites and 4,500 club seats as well.

Before the first bricks were laid, designers knew the park would be ideal for hitting home runs because of high elevation and dry air. To rectify the situation, the outfield fences were placed farther away from home plate, giving Coors Field one of the largest outfields in baseball history. The field dimensions of the park are as follows; left field 347 feet, left center 390 feet, center field 415 feet, right center 375 feet, right field 350 feet and the backstop 56 feet.

Previously, Coors Field had a reputation as being a home-run friendly baseball park, hence the nickname Coors Canaveral. The air in Denver tended to dry out the baseballs and made them harder, causing them to travel farther when hit. Additionally, curve balls will curve less in thinner air than at sea level; which leads to fewer strikeouts and harder work for the pitcher. In 2002, a humidor was added to the park for baseball storage, which has alleviated the problems of the past.

Most of the seats in Coors Field are dark green; however seats in the 20th row of the upper deck are purple, which signifies the city's one mile elevation point. In other baseball stadiums home plate faces east or northeast, while the home plate at Coors Field faces north. Because of the location of home plate, during the game, sunlight shines on first base during sunset.

Coors Field was designed with accessibility in mind; it is located near Interstate 25, has direct access to 20th Street and Park Avenue exits, and is near Union Station which provides light rail access for visitors. The stadium was originally designed to be a much smaller venue, however, because of record breaking crowds, right field upper deck and center field bleacher seats were added. The center field bleacher section is known by the informal name of "the Rockpile''.

Each year, Coors Field hosts some of the most exciting baseball games in the National Baseball League. The landscaped grounds of the stadium are designed to resemble the Colorado Rocky Mountains, complete with waterfalls, fountains and pine trees. Visitors are feted with breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, mild temperatures and a lively environment to enjoy a game of baseball.

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