Dallas Alley Nightclubs

Dallas Alley is an area of nightclubs that are in close proximity to each other. For one cover charge, party-goers can have access to several clubs located in the alley. The alley has a diverse range of clubs with different types of musical genres in each one. Each club has its own focused music theme; country, pop, jazz, rock, and oldies music can all be found in the Dallas Alley. The alley attracts a younger demographic of people that want to dance and drink the night away. The music in Dallas Alley is vibrant and permeates the streets of the alley as well as the club. The alley comes alive at night and is a popular place for locals and tourists interested in authentic Dallas nightlife. Some of the best music in the city can be found at Dallas Alley nightclubs. Dallas Alley is located in the west portion of the downtown area and is considered a central part of the entertainment district.

There are several clubs to choose from; Alley Cats, 110 Neon Beach, Catz, and Bell Bottoms. The Alley Cats is a piano bar, Bell Bottoms caters to an older crowd with an appreciation for music made in the 1960's and 70's, and Catz has a karaoke bar for the nightclub-goers who want to get interactive with the crowd. Alley Cats is one of the most popular and well known venues in the alley. Club-hoppers can expect to pay about $10 to get into eight different touristy clubs. There are alternative places of entertainment that surround the Dallas Alley such as Adairs Saloon, Nikita, Dubliner, or the Billiard Bar. Visitors to Dallas Alley will find little need to leave the area in search of entertainment. Every musical style and such a broad range of tastes are located at the large venue that almost all visitors can find something they enjoy.

West End Marketplace shares a courtyard with the Dallas Alley and is host to numerous free concerts through out the year. The West End Marketplace is an equal balance between 19th-century and modern architecture. West End is a great place to people watch and explore restaurants but the main reason many tourists and locals visit West End is to see the Dallas Alley.

In front of the Dallas Alley stands a courtyard that is known for free festivals, events, and concerts. Many of the festivals and live concerts takes place during the summer on a stage located in the midst of the courtyard. Many of the nightclubs offer something for everyone. Most of the clubs in the Dallas Alley are open until 2:00AM and require patrons to meet an age requirement of 21 and up for entry.

In 2007, both the West End Marketplace and Dallas Alley were closed to the public. As the years progress the entertainment area will be looked on as a part of Dallas' former nightlife. The closure of the area has left the Dallas Alley dark and deserted. The venue has plans for revitalization to attract new visitors in the future.

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Apr 22, 2011 @ 2:14 pm
Man this sucks i spent my 21st birthday in dallas alley i can't beleive it's closed up what's wrong dallas this was a great place to be. (WELL WAS) Iam now forty years old and was gonna come back to a great place i have a lot of wonderful memeories with dallas alley I'll be sad your gone
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Sep 25, 2016 @ 9:09 am
Used to go shopping in the mini mall. Got some cool things there. Watched plenty of free concerts in the courtyard. Liked the one price & got into all the clubs. Also...planet Hollywood. Food was just OK, but the atmosphere was great. Miss that place. 😔

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