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The Forney Transportation Museum in Denver, CO has collected a lot of vehicles of all kinds. Having a motto of "Anything on Wheels!" you get a real good idea of the wide type of vehicles you might find in the museum.

The museum recently moved into a larger building so that it could expand its offerings. Already, it has a great collection of over 500 different vehicles on display. One of their most well known vehicles is that of Amelia Earhart's first car, which she nicknamed the "Yellow Peril." This 1923 Kissel Speedster with a 6-cylinder engine is in excellent shape and was owned by Amelia from 1924 to 1929. Other Kissel models, including the "Gold Bug," are also in the museum.

The largest vehicle that is on display is the Big Boy Locomotive. These massive train engines were built during WWII to move materials across the mountains rapidly. Only 25 of these engines were ever built, and they were incredibly powerful. Reportedly, when German enemy agents reported on their power they were not believed. Other train cars are also on display, including a Forney Locomotive, a dining car, cabooses, and more.

Since the museum has many different types of historical vehicles on display, you can also expect to find many other displays. You can find many antique cars, fire engines, carriages and wagons, aircraft, steam tractors, trolleys, and more. There are even collections of bicycles and tricycles, and motorcycles, too.

Special exhibits are brought to the museum and then later rotated with another one. These exhibits are great collections from other museums. For the year 2010, the museum will be host to a Studebaker Exhibit (January through March), and a Timme Motorcycle Collection of 54 different models, which includes many great brands and models of the past.

In the past, the museum has had displays of a 1934 Pierce Arrow, a 1927 Rolls Royce, a 1916 Detroit Electric, and a 1923 Hispano Suiza. There has also been a display of an 1811 Overland Stagecoach, a 1967 Amphicar, and many more.

The museum also has some rather unique displays, as well, that are not vehicle related. There are collections of costumes, music boxes, wax figures, and much more.

A Kid's Club is also a great way for them to get involved and learn more - as well as enabling them to have some fun at the museum. Each time they meet, there will be a special program for them, and it will involve an activity and a tour. Some of the topics will focus on internal combustion, trains, cars, gravity, and much more. The Club is for kids ages 5 to 12 years of age.

The Forney Transportation Museum of Denver, CO is open from 10 AM until 4 PM on Monday through Saturday. There is also a gift shop that has many different kinds of transportation related items that are sure to be a cherished item in any collection. On occasion, they also have vehicles for sale.

Meeting rooms can be rented in the museum for special occasions. Give your meeting a special treat inside a real trolley (seating for 20). They have different sized rooms that are large enough to handle up to 500 people.

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