Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas

The Dallas/Forth Worth area is known as the aviation capital of the world and the Frontiers of Flight Museum explains why. Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas allows visitors to experience the evolution of flight through exhibits, events, and educational programs. The Museum teaches visitors about the Golden Age of Flight and pays tribute to the aviators who sacrificed their lives in World War II. Rare artifacts are strewn throughout the museum that attest to the exciting history of aviation.

The museum's proudest display is the "Lighter Than Air" collection. The collection features artifacts from the Hindenburg which was a plane that carried 50 passengers and 5 crew members across the Atlantic Ocean. It was the first airplane to make the trip across the Atlantic 37 times non-stop. Pieces from the Hindenburg are actually found in the collection.

The Dallas area gained its role as the aviation capital during World War II. Dallas Love Field was a one of the many bases that contributed to the war. The base included the 601st Women's Service Army Pilots. There were more than 200 different aircraft from various nations involved in the war. Airpower from the United States was a dominant force in World War II. The displays inch their way through time. Exhibits begin with planes that were used in World War II that reached speeds of 450 mph; and goes on to show planes that reach up to 2,100 mph.

The "Flight through Time" exhibit takes museum tourists through the history of flight and starts at the most primitive form of air travel and ends with the space shuttles. The miraculous time span in which engineers and technological inventors produced planes that barely moved at seven miles per hour to orbiting space at 17,000 miles per hour is a testament to the amazing capabilities of technology to leap forward over a very short period of time. The Frontiers of Flight Museum promotes the contributions of aerospace and aviation to the community by focusing on how aviation has helped advance technology and propel new events in history.

All year long, Frontiers of Flight Museum offers educational programs to the general public. The educational programs are aimed at children in grades three through eight and include workshops, labs, and rocket science courses. The guided tours offered by the museum are also geared towards educating children. Guided museum tours last approximately one hour and are available Monday through Saturday from 10:00AM and 4:00PM. There are tour regulations that must be followed; for example, one adult must be present for every ten children. Visitors are not allowed to make loud noises, touch the exhibits, or run through the halls of the museum.

There is also a museum store available where visitors can purchase books, clothing, collectibles, and toys. Aviation guides like American Eagles and The Stearman which gives viewers a pictorial study of the development of popular aircraft throughout history. Model airplanes are also available for purchase through the Museum Store.

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