Grizzly Lake Trail - Aspen, CO - Wildflowers abound throughout this trail in the Rocky Mountains

Grizzly Lake Trail is located near Aspen, Colorado and is a 7.6 mile out and back trail that is crescent shaped and leads up through a great view of the valley west of the Continental Divide. The area is a well known place for botanists or those outdoor enthusiasts who love to study plant life. There are over 100 species of wildflowers growing along the trail and spread over the subalpine and alpine zones. There are also colonies of alpine fireweed spread throughout and provide an amazing color scheme along the trail. The blooming season is in late July through August.

The trail's first and last segments are challenging but along the middle portion the trek is smooth and less demanding. The initial climb takes hikers through evergreen trees but the majority of the trail is out in the open under the blue sky. The final stretch of the trail is the most strenuous but the beauty of it makes the hike worthwhile. The top elevation is 12,550 feet which is toward the end of the trail. At the peak is the Grizzly Lake which is surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. The scenery is exquisite and what draws hikers and visitors from all over the state.

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Jul 20, 2011 @ 10:22 pm
The above comment is accurate. I would, however, add the following points:
. The trail can be divided into two parts as, after a nice stroll, it becomes steep about half way up when you cross the creek.
. There is an old log cabin by the creek which is interesting.
. You may encounter beautiful snow caves in the creek in early spring.
. After you cross the creek you will see the ruminants of a small aircraft which didnít quite make it over the mountain in a snowstorm. The plane has been pretty picked over by hikers but is interesting to see. It is in the ravine to the left of the path about 50-100 feet after you cross the creek.
. As you approach the lake on top the trail steepens into a series of switchbacks.
. Once on top there is a lake surrounded on three sides by high cliffs inhabited by birds of prey who greet you with disapproving cries.
. The view on top is beautiful because you can look back down the long valley that you just worked so hard to climb.
. Take rain gear as the weather can change quickly.
. A snack and water are very well received once on top as a reward for all of your hard work and to refuel for the trip back down.
. Coming down requires some effort to hold yourself back due the steepness of the trail until you cross the creek.

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