Medieval Times in Dallas

Medieval Times in Dallas is one of the city's most intriguing dining and entertainment spots. The venue is a combination of a medieval banquet and competitive show of jostling between Knights. Medieval Times is a creative and imaginative venue that attracts a special kind of visitor. The Medieval Times company has a mission of providing their customers with great entertainment and food. The experience is a transformative one that sends patrons backwards through time and into the 11th century. Visitors to the show act out the typical dinner-party scenario that would occur in 11th century Spain.

During the 11th century, Royalty would invite guests over for dinner and entertainment. The entertainment was was watching Knights compete on horseback. Medieval Times in Dallas recreates this time and scenario for its customers. The first Medieval Times opened in Spain in 1973 and eventually reached the United States with its establishment in Florida. Since the Florida Medieval castle emerged eight other Medieval Times venues have been established through out the United States.

Once the tickets are purchased to the show, visitors to the venue are instructed on what area of the arena to go to. They are then given a color coded crown. The crown symbolizes the royalty that watched the jostling knights. The color of the crown instructs the visitor on what color knight to cheer for. Because visitors to show are instructed to cheer and yell for their knight the actual show can get incredibly loud. Guests are then placed on benches with a bar-like table where the meal will be served.

Guests at the Medieval Times are served a four-course banquet of tomato bisque, garlic bread, roasted chicken, potato, pastries and spare ribs. One of the low-points of the feast is that diners are only given a napkin and wet-nap in lieu of utensils. All food must be eaten with the hands because utensils were not used in the 11th century. While they are eating they can cheer for one of the knights that are competing in the joust. There are six Knights to choose from; Each knight has a different color costume by which they are recognized and a personalized background. For example, the Black & White Knight is the defender of the ancient shrine at Santiago de Compostela. The knights perform in a two hour competition of jostling, hand-to-hand combat, swordsmanship and displays of horsemanship. The horses are the another integral part of the show and deliver a performance to open the show.

There are other entertainment aspects offered at Medieval Times besides the dinner and jostling knights. The venue has an area called Hall of Arms that displays medieval artifacts and a Medieval torture museum. In order for guests to attend the Medieval Times Castle reservations are strongly recommended. Seating and shows are limited and are given on a first serve basis. Tickets can be purchased through the company's website or by calling a toll free number. Regular price for an adult is $54.95 and the fee is $40.00 for children. There is free parking available to the public at the Medieval Times location in Dallas.

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