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Memory Grove Park in Salt Lake City, Utah contains several memorials dedicated to Utah war veterans and the memory of those who died in various battles, from World War I, to the Vietnam War. The striking veteran monuments offer and interesting contrast to the Harbor of Beauty pond. The park features the quiet sounds of City Creek. It is also the center of a series of hiking trails that wind through one of the state's botanical gardens.

At the base of City Creek Canyon just outside of Salt Lake, the physical address is 370 North Canyon Road, Salt Lake City, Utah. The memorial building just inside the park is often rented for weddings and other events. There is limited parking available near the entrance gates. The park is open daily from dawn to dusk. This is a dog friendly park with off-leash areas available.

From a review site came this suggestion: "One of the best ways to explore Salt Lake is to take Trax (Salt Lake's light rail) to the main Crossroads stop in downtown. There is a system of sidewalks and trails that pass Temple Square then follow City Creek along Canyon Drive to Memorial Grove Park. Here you'll find a network of trails (that) cross the park, and then follow the creek up into City Creek Canyon. City Creek Canyon gradually winds its way into the alpine wilderness of the Wasatch Mountains. This is one of my favorite walks as it involves a train ride, and features both urban and mountain terrain.''

Another online traveler gave this description, "A runner's delight, with a trail that steadily steepens for a great workout. This is a small but gorgeous park, near the LDS temple and at the base of City Creek Canyon. On a sunny weekend day, the place is wonderful - lots of kids and dogs having a great time. Memory Grove is right in the heart of Salt Lake City, within walking distance (of) downtown malls and attractions.''

An interesting history lesson quoted by one of the park reviewers states that, "The first survey/drawing of Salt Lake City valley, was (made) by the great explorer and author, Sir Richard Burton. The picture he drew faces the title page in his book The City of Saints. The picture had to have been made somewhere on the hills above Memory Grove. When Brigham Young asked Burton what he thought of Salt Lake City, Burton quoted `The Rime of Ancient Mariner' by making reference to the Great Salt Lake and the lack of alcoholic beverages, saying, `Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink'.''

Memory Grove's gently curving and undulating paths will also lead to its stone-lined brook or the replica of the Liberty Bell. This park is great for picnics or hikes with your dog. In the winter you can take a horse drawn carriage ride from Temple Square up through City Creek Canyon and into the park. There are bike trails and a Frisbee and play catch area. One tip for this park is to go late at night, after a fresh snowfall or on a full moon to enjoy its otherworldly beauty.

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