Nickerson State Park, Brewster, MA

Nickerson State Park is located in Brewster, Massachusetts. Brewster is located on Cape Cod as one of the places visitors might stay. The state park allows for camping in the event a hotel is not what a visitor wishes. The interesting thing about the state park is its beauty. It reminds many visitors of the Berkshire Hills or piney woods of the Carolinas due to its pine trees and other foliage. It is actually very dense woodland in an area that should be marshland and sandy beach.

Within the woods are eight fresh water ponds that are crystal clear in appearance. When visitors walk through the woods there are no rivers or streams visible to feed the ponds. Instead they are fed by underground sources from several thousands of years back. Kettle Ponds as these are known were formed by 300 glaciers which retreated from Cape Cod 10,000 years ago. Today groundwater and precipitation are the only water sources that will determine the level of the ponds.

Nickerson State Park is 1900 acres of land with more than 420 campsites. Yurt Camping, the amphitheater and the eight miles of roads, hiking, and biking all make up the adventures one can have at the park. A 22 mile Cape Cod Rail Trail is connected to the bike paths. The ponds are also kept stocked for fishing with trout. It is possible to swim in Flax Pond or canoe around it. Visitors can also bird watch or catch and release fish at Higgins Pond. During the year are interpretive and recreational programs for visitors and locals.

To arrive at the park one needs to take 6A west towards Brewster from Route 6. The entrance is two miles from the exit. Cliff Pond is the largest pond in the Park. It dominates the center of the park land with two different parking areas and camping facilities nearby. Little Cliff Pond is also close, though it is perhaps a sixth of the bigger pond in size. Keeler's Pond and Triangle Pond are the two smallest ponds within the park. Some of the park runs right up to the bay and beach area.

There are fees for camping and getting into the park. Horseback riding is one recreational activity not yet mentioned. There are numerous riding trails one can take if walking or hiking is not for you. In the winter season the park is open. They allow cross country skiing along the trails, though they are not groomed. Instead the snow is packed down by those who ski. Since the cross country trails are also those being hiked the park map will be a great guide for moving around even in winter.

Mountain biking is yet another recreational activity one can enjoy while at Nickerson State Park. There are specific trails one must keep to in order to avoid the walkers and hikers. Groups are also allowed to use the facilities and state park for day trips to learn about the conservation and flora and fauna.

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