North End Neighborhood, Boise, Idaho

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Lewis and Clark were instrumental throughout the United States in discovering new territories. These two men hiked over the great divide to explore more of the western states. It was their expedition that found the Boise River Valley. The French who also came to the area were enamored with the numerous trees, so they called out "Les Bois'' which means "The Trees.'' Thus it was decided to name the city Boise. The French were imperative in fur trading with the Native Americans. A Fort was even built in Boise. In the beginning Boise was 40 miles in size with the Boise River and Snake River as the Borders. It was during the 1820's that Lewis and Clark first set eyes on the area.

The North End is a neighborhood in Boise. It dates back to the 1890's. It was originally a remote section of the city until the 1950's, when it quickly started growing as a residential area. For most of the 20th century individuals built homes in the area, which now offers an amazing array of architecture. Some of the homes are stately, while others are Spanish in style. Many of these homes are part of the National Register of Historic Places. During the 1960's the neighborhood grew even more with apartments and Queen Anne style homes.

Today the North End is a place for tourists to explore. Sightseeing down the main boulevard, shopping, or spending time in the park are activities most popular to the neighborhood. It is known for its history, beauty, and trees. Flowers and gardens line the streets, as do a dozen parks. It is the gateway to the Boise Foothills and Bogus Basin area. Hyde Park is also the most well known place for a picnic and afternoon of fun with the family.

Hyde Park is a national historical site due to the buildings and architecture of the area, as well as the age of the community. As a headquarters for activity festivals are offered throughout the year. Bike tours begin on the streets of Hyde Park, and it is a place for community activity. Kids tend to gather in the area after school with music on the weekends during the summer, and plenty of restaurants can be found. The restaurants are Italian, Spanish, American, and other international cuisines.

In the 1980's there was a bit of a challenge with upgrading North 13th Street. The property owners wanted to be able to keep the original architecture of the buildings. They didn't want to change the character of the neighborhood, and insisted new places follow the property guidelines. Property values of the area are growing rather quickly, making it the place to be in Boise.

Harrison Boulevard is the main street in the North End Neighborhood. There are lamp stands at every intersection, with the park in the center. The street has numerous homes from several periods. McAuley Park is the anchor at the south end, with Hill Road to the North with Harrison Hollow.

Jay D. Sanderson
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Apr 23, 2015 @ 4:16 pm
The North End really is a conglomeration of many additions to Boise City that began with the original platting of the city in 1865. The downtown core was the main business section of the city, with the North End being the oldest to have homes built in the area. There were originally fourteen "additions" (today they would be termed as subdivisions) as private lands were being developed. I personally have checked out every home in the area, and most of them were built between 1872 and the current day. Current new buildings have to represent the architecture of the original neighborhood, with the exception of the apartment buildings that began to replace some of the homes in the 1940s-1960s. Today, the North End is a term referring to all of the additions based on information from the Idaho State Historical Society. Harrison Boulevard was originally North 16 Street, but when President Harrison visited Boise, the street was renamed. Houses that were west of Harrision Boulevard then received new numbers. 17th Street became 16th Street; 18th Street became 17th Street, and so on. The entire area of the North End lies south and east of the foothills ridgeline.

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