Northwest Neighborhood, Portland, Oregon

Portland is a beautiful city in the state of Oregon. Portland is located in the northwest where it rains several days out of the year providing the trees and plants with water to make them verdant. Portland is the most populate city in Oregon, as well as the third populous in the Pacific Northwest. This city is a major metropolitan area with hundreds of businesses running out of the coastal area. Portland recently invested in a light rail to help residents move throughout the city without cars. Summers in Portland are often dry and warm, and winters are on the rainy side. Portland is known as the "City of Roses'' because of the ability to grow roses in the area.

Northwest Neighborhood or Nob Hill as it is called is a unique community in the northwest section of the city. It stretches between NW 21st and 23rd Avenues. Some of the city's best restaurants, accommodations, and shopping are located in this area. The streets are lined with trees, and there is Couch Park to spend an afternoon in walking or picnicking.

Nob Hill is strategically located near the water and I405 which has one of the most magnificent bridges in the Northwest. There are over fifty different shops and restaurants located in the Northwest Neighborhood. These shops range from eclectic collections to art. For example the 3D Center of Art and Photography is a gallery situated in the heart of Nob Hill. There is also Au Salon, Besaw's Cafe, Blush Beauty Bar, Child's Play, the Zoo, Con Way, Equilibria, and Escape from NY Pizza.

This community is more than just shops and dining. It is a place for individuals to live and have all the amenities that they need. For this reason the Dove Lewis Emergency Clinic is handy. Other options in Nob Hill are Food Front Cooperative Grocery, Gilt, Heron Haus, Home Street Bank, Inn at Northrup Station, Kornblatt's Delicatessen, Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital, and Les Schwab Tire Center.

Nob Hill also has Linfield College Portland Campus. The Northwest Portland International Hostel and Portland Ministries can also be found when touring the Nob Hill district. Anyone moving into Portland may want to check out Nob Hill because it is the place to live. The communities are relatively safe, most of Portland's attractions are located in this center, and there is the opportunity to have a water view.

Transportation around Nob Hill can be done via the street cars or the light rail. The street cars are trolleys which run between the neighborhood from one end to the next, stopping at several shopping locations. The transportation is free when downtown. The Fareless Square transportation has been around since 1975.

Entertainment in this region includes live concerts in the park, movie theaters, and bars. The bars host live bands on the weekends, typically with local players. The concerts in the park are hosted during the summer months as a place for teenagers to hang out while they are out of school.

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