Peach Street Distillers, Palisade, CO

The town of Palisade, Colorado is at an elevation of 4,724 feet and has been known as a fruit growing region for more than a century. The area is famous for peaches, apples, pears, apricots, plums and cherries. Visitors going to see Peach Street Distillers can find fresh fruit from stands along the side of the road in season. Grapes are also produced in this region of Colorado.

Peach Street Distillers is located at 144 South Kluge Ave. Bldg #2, Palisade, CO 81526. The distillery produces Goat Premium vodka. They have in use a custom made German pot still. The Peach Street Distillers use Olathe sweet corn, a town close to Palisade, to make the interesting vodka. The distillery is just about thirty eight miles from the Utah border. The distillery recently released Colorado Straight Bourbon.

The distillers are three friends that have an extensive background in the professional brewing and distilling industry. Peach Street distillers also make brandies with the fresh fruits of the region. Some of the products that they sell are only available for purchase in their tasting room as they are produced in small quantities.

Their Goat Artisan Vodka uses fine grains and goes through two distillations and then one charcoal filtration. This gives the vodka a pure quality. The distillers aren't content with this process however, as they put the vodka through one more distillation and one more charcoal filtration.

The Peach Goat Vodka uses hand- picked Palisade peaches fresh from the orchards. The Peach Street Distillers vodkas are available throughout the state of Colorado. Peach Street Distillers brandies again use the fresh fruits from the area. They come in peach, pear and plum flavors. The plum brandy mellows in plum wine casks and has a slight purple color.

Grappa of Gewurztraminer and Grappa of Viognier are featured at Peach Street Distillers. They use the pomace from the Debeque Canyon Winery. It took the distillers two years to release their bourbon. They again used Olathe sweet corn for the bourbon which has a soft caramel flavor with aromas of vanilla and light oak. This bourbon is 46% alcohol by volume and comes in a hand numbered 750 ml bottle.

Jackelope Gin is distilled at Peach Street using Colorado juniper berries. They also use seven other botanicals so that the gin possesses a citrusy flavor, with nut undertones and a pine essence. Their gin is distilled in small batches so visitors may have to purchase this only at the distillery.

Guests at Peach Street Distillers can purchase mini bottles, 750 s, and 1.75s of Goat Artisan Vodka for $75.00 for a pack of 24 small bottles, $28.00 for the 75s and $55.00 for the 1.75s. The Peach Goat Vodka is not sold in the 1.75s, but is in the other two sizes and the price is the same as for the artisan vodka. The Jackelope Gin comes in the same three sizes, but the 750s and 1.75 s are $29.00 and $57.00 respectively. All of the brandies are $32.00 with the exception of the peach brandy which is $58.00. Grappa is $32.00 and the Bourbon is $58.00 a bottle.

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Oct 9, 2012 @ 6:18 pm
While in Grand Junction, I was introduced to Goat Artisan Vodka and like it. Where can I purchase some in Santa Barbara, CA?

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