Pueblo Zoo - Pueblo, Colorado - small year-round zoo and tourist attraction

Located in Pueblo, Colorado, the Pueblo Zoo is both a tourist attraction and a park where locals can enjoy a number of animal species. The zoo has about 130 species and 400 individual animals, and it is found within Pueblo's City Park. Accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, the zoo runs educational programs for both children and adults and participates in species conservation programs. Their mission, according to their website, is to "promote appreciation and understanding of the natural world while providing a quality environment.''

The Pueblo Zoo has a number of animals, and they're located in zoo according to their natural habitats. In the African area of the zoo, visitors can see African lions, zebras, ostriches, dik diks, cranes, vultures, storks, and waterbucks. Nearby, guests will find emus and red kangaroos from Australia, as well as the maned world from South America. The Asia section has Przewalski horses, white handed gibbons, and sun bears, and nearby is one of the most popular sections of the zoo - the North American Prairie and Waterhole. This area of the zoo features animals such as the Rocky Mountain elk, the bison, the white pelican, the trumpeter swan, the North American wood duck, the black tailed prairie dog, and the swift fox.

The Pueblo Zoo also has a ranch and farm, and at this location, guests can see animals that are more domesticated. Some can even be encountered up close and personal, making this a popular destination for children. Some of the animals found here include cows, donkeys, miniature horses, alpacas, both dromedary and bactrian camels, goats, hogs, sheep, llamas, owls, snakes, turkeys, chickens, rabbits, goose, ducks, and tortoises. Another favorite is the penguin exhibit, where guests can watch the birds dive and swim.

Along with animals, visitors to the zoo can enjoy the gardens, which include both flowers and shrubs. Many of the gardens have signs that teach visitors about plants in general, as well as the specific species found at the park. The zoo always welcomes guest volunteer gardeners to help maintain the flowerbeds and other plants.

The Pueblo Zoo has a number of educational programs to help children learn more about the species of animals found at the zoo. There are specific programs for elementary school students, as well as more advanced programs for middle school and high school students. They also have day camps throughout the summer, as well as different special events featuring certain species. In addition, the zoo has family days, as well as events for senior citizens.

The zoo is open year-round. During the summer, from Memorial Day through Labor Day, the zoo is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. They have slightly shorter hours during the winter, especially on Sundays, and some of the animals may not be available during this time of the year. The zoo closes early on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve and is closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. Rates range from $5.00 to $8.00 per person, with special prices for zoo members, groups, and military personnel. For more information, visitors can call 719-561-1452.

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Aug 23, 2015 @ 1:13 pm
I was very disappointed after driving from colo . Springs to see the zoo in pueblo, Why do the animals have no water? The pigs were in the dry dirt with no water in sight or food. The camels were in the dry dirt one camel was covered in dry dirt. I didn't see any water in any of the enclosures except where the ducks are. Just so many things I could go on it was so discusting to see how these animals are living. The signs were in no better shape we are seniors and no one seemed to show us how to get out of the zoo finally we seen one exit sign. MOST IMPORTANT IS HOW THE ANIMALS ARE LIVING. THE ZOO DOES NOT NEED ANYMORE ANIMALS TO SUFFER AND THE ONES THAT ARE THER SHOULD BE SENT TO A PLACE WHERE THEY CAN GET BETTER CARE.

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