Redbones - Boston, Massachusetts - Southern Style and Down Home Restaurant in Boston

Redbones is a well established, and much loved restaurant in Davis Square - near Somerville, Massachusetts. Redbones has become a favorite of many people in recent years, probably due to its authentic down home-style Southern food, unique atmosphere, and true friendship of its staff. Redbones also offers 24 beers on tap and often hosts a fresh local beer hall. Catering and delivery are also available for private functions.

Redbones is open for lunch daily at 11:30 am (noon on Sundays) and dinner is served from 4:00 pm until 10:30 (11:00 pm on Friday/Saturday). There is also a night menu every night until 12: 30 am.

When opened in 1987, Redbones, a barbecue restaurant to its authenticity was virtually unknown north of the Mason Dixon. Years later, as barbecue joints popped up everywhere; Redbones still has great fun, food, and the wide range of services. Customers and employees equally share the spirit of Redbones, where the community instead of marketing is on the agenda.

In the dining room there is a steady stream of customers, service personnel, music and food. The classic photos from days past barbecue, autographed photos of rhythm and blues great, and artistic home menus and signs that adorn the walls of the main hall without pretension. For the curious, there are seats from the front where people can observe firsthand the action of the open kitchen and chat with the pit master and crew.

Next to the dining room is a cozy bar with more beers on the menu than food. There is a wide selection of beers and breweries for visitors to try.

The clients are as varied and as interesting as the food and are all there - the young to the very least, the CEO of craftsfolk, globe-trotting neighbors - Southern hospitality and barbecue unites. And, Redbones' equipment, personnel service kitchen staff is equally diverse.

The Food - At Redbones, the traditional craft of barbecue is supervised by a 'seasoned pit master, paying attention not only to smokers, but the food preparation for finishing off the ribs before serving. The pit master and crew take pride in their craft, pouring energy and creativity in the kitchen at Redbones. If a favorite menu item is out or takes a while to prepare - the open fire is more than a microwave - customers will always know that authentic southern BBQ Redbones is really what is and is worth the wait!

All imagination, research and the quality really shine in the renowned sauces - mild, sweet and hot vinegar. The main one is the hot sauce, a mixture of taste tempting to leave your mouth twisting in ecstasy fire. This venue is known for its sauces and draw visitors back for more each and every time.

The recently opened ground floor called Underbones, with its state of the art Touch 24 system is available for private parties, gathering, or dancing in any place you choose. Redbones will even come to your own party offsite.

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