Ripleys Believe it or Not!, Ocean City, MD - Ocean City, Maryland Eclectic Collection of Oddities at Boardwalk Museum

Ripleys Believe it or Not!, Ocean City, MD, is located at 401 South Atlantic Avenue at the boardwalk in this town that is on the Southern part of the Fenwick Barrier Island. It is in the southeastern most part of Maryland, about 130 miles east of the nation's capital.

This Ripley's museum has discounts for groups of 10 or more people. There are also differing rates of admission for adults, seniors and children.

Among the items to be found here are allegedly authentic shrunken heads, as part of the 500 exhibits spread amongst 12 gallery rooms. There are a number of videos and some interactive displays leaving visitors with the signature line assertion of the Ripley's franchise: to "believe it or not!''

There is an interactive hall of exploration with interactive displays and challenges.

Ripleys Believe it or Not!, Ocean City, MD, houses artifacts and rarities from around the world. Numerous photos show Robert Ripley himself in his world travels to collect the oddities that would serve as the start of his profitable sideshow-style museum business.

Long before this and other museums were opened, Ripley displayed his findings since 1919 in a syndicated newspaper comic strip under hs "Believe it or Not!'' trademarked name.

Many of the items are actually tribal and native peoples' ornaments or goods of daily usage or photos of such items which, although odd to European Americans, they have been of common use in certain locations and with certain groups of people around the globe. That does not make them any less interesting to examine.

Some of the artifacts do indeed pass into the realm of the truly bizarre, like hand painted pictures on embalmed vampire bats, a vampire (a la Dracula) killing kit or the circa 16th Century witch catching device.

Quite a number of artifacts and photos have historical significance such as the civil war surgeon's kit and the photos of atrocities from a variety of 20th Century wars. Numerous torture devices from Medieval Europe to more recent years are also on display here.

Ripleys Believe it or Not!, Ocean City, MD, also hosts numerous artwork oddities such as an English queen portrayed of lint, toast art as well as gum wrapper and cigarette wrapper hand crafted items.

A matchstick model of the Hindenburg blimp is just one more example of some of the painstakingly crafted novelties that can be seen at this museum.

There are off season discounts for local residents to this private museum which is open throughout the year. There are also package offers for adult and children's birthday parties among the bizarre artifacts.

The Ocean City is one of more than a dozen of the museums bearing the Ripley name in the United States. It has additional counterparts spread throughout the world.

Photo of RipleysBelieve it or Not! Fasade in Ocean City

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