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The history and progression of Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure, an AZA accredited zoo located in Salina, Kansas, is quite an interesting one. In 1999, Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure opened its doors to the public with 45 species of animals, many of which were endangered and rare species. Just a year after opening, construction on a 64,000 sq. ft. Conference Center began, which opened in 2002. In 2005 came the opening of the Wildlife Museum.

The Wildlife Museum is one of the most popular attractions of Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure. It is unlike most museums in the industry, as it combines visitor and nature in an interactive experience. No longer is a piece of glass separating the visitor from the exhibit - visitors are immersed into what they are seeing and experiencing which allows for a truly unique and memorable experience. Visiting the museum, guests will have the chance to learn about more than 350 species of animals, human culture, and nature from all over the world.

Aside from an incredible journey of knowledge within the walls of the museum, many exhibits are complemented with robotic animatronic characters that describe each ecosystem and how plants, animals, and humans all interact within them. Not only does the museum do a wonderful job at studying things here on earth, but takes visitors into the far reaches of the universe with its ADM 3-D theatre. The film shown depicts just how unique our world is within the vastness of outer space.

Though many people come to visit the Wildlife Museum for the vast education that it offers, the zoo is nothing to miss spanning graciously over 60 acres. With many species to learn about and see, the zoo at Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure only gets better each year. Visitors can come face-to-face with a wide variety of animals from across the globe including the Indian rhino, chimpanzees, rare white camels, orangutans, mandrills, and aardvarks to name a few.

The animals are cared for by a highly trained group of zookeepers who are happy to answer any questions that guests may have. Each zookeeper on the crew is specially trained to maintain and enhance the quality of life of the animals in their care. The animals and zookeepers share a special relationship, so visiting with a zookeeper will enlighten visitors to the lives and personalities of each animal they see.

Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure has expanded greatly from its humble beginnings ten years ago. Today, the zoo is home to more than 105 species, an incredible museum, and is expanding the number of exhibits regularly. Through its ten years, what was new landscaping when doors opened has grown and flourished into beautiful shade trees, mature shrubs, and blooming flowers for guests and animals to enjoy. In the spring or summer of 2009, the zoo will welcome its one-millionth guest.

Visitors may purchase tickets for just the museum or zoo separately, but combination tickets are the best value. Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure also offers military discounts, group rates, memberships, and a picnic area for guests preferring to bring their own food. Any interested parties may call 785-827-9488 for more information.

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