Shedd Aquarium: Chicago, Illinois

The Shedd Aquarium is located in the Grant Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. The aquarium was built by John G. Shedd in the 1920's, and was opened to the public on May 30, 1930. The aquarium was designed to educate visitors, and preserve endangered species for future generations.

The Wild Reef exhibit focuses on sharks and educates guests on how sharks are a vital element to the underwater environment. The two dozen sharks swim in the 400,000 gallon saltwater habitat. The reef exhibits many species of sharks such as Sandbar sharks, Blacktip Reef sharks, and Zebra sharks. The unique exhibit has a see-through floor where visitors can see Blue Spot stingrays gliding underfoot. The coral in the exhibits is one of the largest public displays in the Midwest. The intense light and strong currents show guests how these creatures thrive and make up a vital element of a reef system. The schools of Clownfish, Butterflyfish, Batfish, and Triggerfish dart in and out of the corals making for a kaleidoscope of colors.

The Amazon Rising exhibit showcases the water habitat of the Amazon Rainforest. The exhibits show the many phases of the river. The low-water season to the high-water season is showcased here with how many of the species adapt to the ever changing environment. The exhibit is filled with such animals as; anacondas, piranhas, giant spiders, water fowl and exotic frogs, along with many other species. Churning river channels, still lakes, and flooded tree top environments are all represented in the Amazon Rising exhibit.

In the Caribbean Reef exhibit visitors will see Green Sea turtles, Green moray eels, Bonnet Head sharks, Clownose rays, and Atlantic tarpon. The highlight of the exhibit is the divers feeding the fish inside the huge aquarium. Divers give a brief history of each animal living in the tank, and also answer questions from visitors about the animals in the interactive exhibit.

The Waters of the World is a unique part of the aquarium; the exhibit takes visitors through the ocean floor to the wetlands of the world. Starfish, seahorses, frogs, and reptiles are represented in the Water of the Worlds. Guests will get a brief history of the different types of aquatic habitats there are all over the world. The thousands of animals living in the different tanks show visitors how important conservation has become for aquatic wildlife all over the planet.

Shedd Aquarium is a conservation and educational leader among aquariums in the United States. The many exhibits showcase a vast variety of aquatic wildlife, and teach people the importance of conservation. Shedd Aquarium is one of the most interesting places to visit when in the Chicago area.

Amanda Thompson
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Jun 7, 2009 @ 10:22 pm
I heard that the Shedd Aquarrium would be free the 14th thrrough the 19th of June. Amanda Thompson

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