Skyline Drive, Canon City, CO

Canon City, Colorado offers one of the most scenic drives in North America. Going into the city is your typical highway, until you get further into town. At the juncture of US Highway 50 and Skyline Drive, visitors will pick up the one way road. The entrance is about 3 miles west of Canon City proper. The road is also three miles long. During the early 20th century Skyline Drive was built by prison inmates.

The drive will take you several hundred feet up to the ridge that overlooks the city, gorge, and Arkansas River Valley. You will even be able to get to the suspension bridge from Skyline Drive, which allows you to see an amazing site below. The views from the ridge are breathtaking and even considered a geological marvel. There are numerous switchback areas below that one can enjoy.

Skyline Drive is known for more than just the scenic views it can offer, especially as one gets closer to the gorge. The drive has also been a highlight for paleontologists. Many dinosaur tracks are still embedded in the rocks surrounding the drive. In fact visitors are able to take a drive to the Dinosaur Depot to see some of the specimens which have been pulled out of areas near Skyline Drive. At one of the pull offs visitors do not even have to get too far off the road to see dinosaur tracks in rock.

Skyline is not for those who have never experienced a high road with cliff edges. It can be quite thrilling for those who seek adventure. A small car or truck is best, and the road should not be attempted by motor homes due to the grade of the road and the sudden turns required. Most of the road also does not have guardrails, which means visitors can peer out of the car directly down, and get a sense of what it was like to travel the road in the early 1900's, when cars were a little less sure footed. It is best to take the speed limit at heart to avoid any issues. There are a number of pull offs for the views and to catch your breath from the twisting road.

Skyline Drive ends at Floral and Fifth, which is a residential neighborhood leading into Canon City. It is quite easy to find your way back to Highway 50th, and the various amusements the highway has nearby. For those who want to visit the Dinosaur Depot, Railroad to the Gorge, or the little shops it is best to get back on Highway 50 and take it downtown to these places. Skyline Drive is a very popular trip for local residents, and should not be missed while one is in the area, as long as you can enjoy the high drive. Along the way it is possible to see some very unique geological features, as well as the river way below. On this drive red rock with a few plants and trees await.

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Oct 14, 2018 @ 1:13 pm
You cannot get to the Royal Gorge Bridge from Skyline Drive
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Feb 6, 2019 @ 1:13 pm
An inviting fact to mention and an enjoying part to view. The gateway entrance at the beginning of this spectacular attraction. It was built in 1932. It is a glamourous rock structure. What makes this such a important part of the historical drive is that it features rocks from every state in the country. The rocks are inscribed with the states initials

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