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When you are in the Denver, CO area and want to see some entertainment, you certainly want to consider the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. This large theater, which is also referred to as "the Plex," provides many options for plays and is the largest in central US.

The Plex, which was first started in 1974, has slowly had other theaters added to it until the year 2002. Altogether, there are nine different theaters on a four-block site that covers 12 acres.

Four different groups actually control the activities of the Plex, and the Denver Center for the Performing Arts is the largest of them. The purpose of the theater is to provide a place to perform live theater, to have a place for Broadway tours to perform, and to provide a place to train actors at all levels.

This means that there is always some play, concert, or other performance that visitors can enjoy when they come to the Denver area. The theater almost always has some exciting play going on - sometimes more than once a day.

When you are coming to the area - or if you already live here - you want to be sure to check the calendar to see if there is some performance going on that you have been waiting to see. Many well-known shows are going on - or soon will be. Broadway plays regularly stop here. Other groups that have performances include the Colorado Ballet, the Colorado Symphony, Opera Colorado, and more.

If you are interested in acting in any way, or even if you want to learn more about public speaking - as a business professional or as a teacher - you can also be trained here. Short classes are offered which will provide you training at all levels to enhance your career. Classes are also offered to members of the community. Teachers may also take the class to have extra instruction that complements their courses.

Families can receive some instruction here, too. The theater has classes that can introduce your family members to a trial experience in a basic talent search. They are invited to perform some Shakespearean scenes, swing on a trapeze, learn hip-hop, and more. This is designed to find hot new talent. All members of your group or family can perform together. Prizes may also be won, too.

Tours are given through the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Guests are even taken backstage and given a pass to see where the stages, props, costumes, and more are created. They also will get to visit the various stages, the rehearsal studios, and even the dressing rooms.

When you need something to eat at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts in Denver, CO, there are several restaurants within the complex. One of these is the Kevin Taylor Restaurant Group, which actually consists of five different restaurants - each with their own menu style and price range. There is also the Limelight Supper Club & Lounge, the Hot Ticket Cafe, the Garner Galleria Theatre & Bar, and Backstage Coffee. Other restaurants are close by, and some of them offer specials on tickets to the shows.

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