The Magic Waters Waterpark in Cherry Valley, Illinois

The Magic Waters Waterpark, located in Cherry Valley, Illinois, is operated by the Rockford Island Park District. The waterpark offers many different choices of water activities many people find enjoyable. The park is operated with the highest standards of guest services, cleanliness and safety which make it an ideal location for family fun.

The waterpark has many different options for people who enjoy water play. The Abyss is a tunnel-tube ride shrouded in total darkness; the structure is five stories high above the Magic Waters and has two different slides. Guests can chose which slide to ride and will find themselves twist through turns and at the end; come splashing out into broad daylight.

The Splash Blaster is a two person raft ride that soars to eighty feet above the Magic Waters. Guests then enter a tunnel that takes them plunging thirty-five feet over the edge. The ride then drops another thirty feet and a large rush of water comes bursting over the ride. The second tunnel leads to the Grand Finale and with a rush of adrenaline bringing smiles to people's faces.

Breaker Beach is another attraction many people enjoy. The waterpark is home to Illinois' largest wave pool with 707,000 gallons of heated water. The water alternates between ocean waves and periodic pauses of calm. Guests can enjoy swimming, tubing or play along the mock shore. The attraction is a particular favorite with children of all ages.

The park also features the Keelhauler, SeaSerpant and Bonzai which are the best water slides in the Midwest. The slides sit five stories above the waters and feature a thirty foot descent marked with twists, turns and speeds of up to thirty miles per hour. Guests must be at least 42'' in height to be able to ride the slides.

The tube slide is separate from the other water slides. Guests can ride a single or double tube which takes them through a winding series of twists and angles. The ride is quite popular with people of all ages and the water can be very refreshing on a hot summer day.

SPLASHmagic River is a tube ride that has a current on a 1,200 foot long river pool. The ride features misters, water bubbles, waterfalls and canyons. The ride is a favorite among both children and adults, and provides adventure around every corner.

Splash Magic Islands Castaway Adventure is a fifty-foot tall interactive water complex with a one-thousand gallon water bucket that tips over periodically and soaks guests. The spot is a favorite for people with small children; they can sit back and let the kid's splash and play while they enjoy themselves in the beach chairs and large umbrellas surrounding the pool.

The park also features the kid-friendly Little Lagoon, which allows kids to slide through a frog slide, get sprayed gently by a squirting whale. Children are invited to play and splash around under the safe and watchful staff of lifeguards. The attraction is open for children aged six and under and allows the kids to play while adults get to sit back and relax.

The park has a Surf Shop which features gifts, jewelry, sunscreen and many other miscellaneous items. Magic Waters Waterpark also features six restaurants and snack bar areas for guests who wish to enjoy a tasty meal or quick bite to eat. The park has a friendly and helpful staff that will answer questions and address any concerns a visitor may have. Everything offered at the park has made it a very popular place to visit for those who enjoy water fun.

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