The Oregon Vortex & The House Of Mystery In Gold Hill, Oregon

Situated deep in the woods of southern Oregon is a 22 acre plot of land for sale, however this is not an ordinary piece of property. One of these acres is home to the Oregon Vortex, it is infamous for being an area with a long history of defying the laws of physics. Legend has it, as far back as the 1930's, that this area is a spherical force, half above and half below the ground with an area of approximately 165 feet in diameter.

There have been many reported occurrences on this property; the most common claim is that people, depending on where they stand within the vortex, it makes them grow smaller or taller, objects such as balls actually role uphill and it can cause a compass or other type of instrument to malfunction and go haywire. Every year scientists, researches, psychics and thousands of tourist visit the Oregon Vortex, to experience their own version of the unexplainable. Some people even visit the vortex, under the belief it can ease the suffering of back pain, while others report feelings of being dizzy when standing inside the vortex. Either way, this site is either home of unexplainable oddities or a popular tourist attraction.

The Oregon Vortex is also an area shrouded deep in mystery and folklore, dating as far back as the Native American Indians. The Indians considered the area to be "The Forbidden Ground'', their horses refused to go near the area and as a result neither did they. The area is also devoid of any other type of animal as well, as most will not go anywhere close to it.

In the 1920's, a geologist by the name of John Lister settled in the area and was at a loss to explain the strange occurrences. He began performing all kinds of experiments and tests, then began to develop theories surrounding his findings. He first opened the grounds to the general public in 1930, and continued to perform experiments and probe the mysteries of this area until he died in 1959. It has been reported that the ghost of John Lister has been spotted at various locations around the property, most prominently in the House of Mystery. In the Oregon Vortex Visiting Center, hangs a portrait of what is believed to be John Lister.

The House Of Mystery was built in 1890, by the Old Grey Eagle Mining Company. It was originally designed to be an assayers office. Miners who came to the office to have gold weighed, reported that the scales in the office were very inaccurate, and were at a loss to explain this phenomena. The house slid off its foundation in 1910, coming to rest at an odd angle and is still there to the present day.

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