Two Medicine Dinosaur Center - Bynam, MT (Nearest Choteau) - Non-Profit Educational and Research Institution

The Two Medicine Dinosaur Center located in Bynam, MT is a non-profit educational and research facility that centers around not only enrichment of the public in regards to dinosaurs and paleontological history, but also the preservation and museum-style display of actual dinosaur remains and other prehistoric artifacts. Currently, Two Medicine is self-sustaining and funded only through the proceeds it collects through gift shop revenue, private contributions, and visitor memberships. It was begun in 1995 by founding members that include David Trexler, Laurie Trexler, and Marion Brandvold and has been growing and evolving at a steady pace ever since.

The Two Medicine Dinosaur Center has a number of unique and interesting educational displays open and available to the general public. These include a skeletal scale model of Seismosaurus built by Two Medicine paleontologist David Trexler himself. The model was originally created to give people an idea of what this dinosaur was like because no mounts created from real Seismosaurus bones currently exist. It was even eventually determined by the Guinness Book of World Records to be the longest dinosaur exhibit in the world. Seismosaurus is also currently the longest dinosaur discovered to date. Other exhibits include a display containing the very first juvenile dinosaur remains ever to be found in North America, as well as authentic remains of a number of other dinosaur species. Many of the exhibits are changed or updated on a regular basis.

In addition to its exhibits, the Two Medicine Dinosaur Center is also known for the quality hands-on educational programs it offers to the general public. The programs are available in varying durations ranging from 3 hours to 10 days with costs varying accordingly. They are designed to focus equally on enrichment and fun, treating visitors to a variety of how-to lessons in regards to paleontology. The longer the program, the more deeply into the practice and science of paleontology participants will be able to delve. Participants are allowed to work directly alongside the paleontologists of Two Medicine and the variety of the programs is such that they have something to offer interested paleontology hobbyists and seasoned earth scientists alike.

The experiences and subjects covered by Two Medicine's programs are fairly extensive. Some programs cover basic education in regards to the local area, general geology, and how to recognize various fossils. Some go one step further and include actual hands-on experience digging for fossils at active sites. Longer programs allow visitors extended access to sites and extensive experience working in the field alongside paleontologists, covering more complex aspects of the science of paleontology and fossil recovery. A week-long field trip in tandem with the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum is also available as an option. All programs must be signed up for in advance as space is limited.

Also available for the pleasure and convenience of visitors to the Two Medicine Dinosaur Center are guided tours of the facility and exhibits. A gift shop is also located on site where patrons can help support the center by purchasing souvenirs to commemorate their visit.

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