USS Constellation , Baltimore, MD - Baltimore, Maryland - Pre-Civil War Vessel Hosts Floating Museum in Harbor

The USS Constellation, Baltimore, MD, is located at the Inner Harbor on Pier 1, between the Harborplace Light Street and Pratt Street Pavilions.

The floating museum is aboard the 1854 US Sloop-of-War, the Constellation. Artifacts, materials, and historic information about the Frigate Constellation, built in 1797 in Baltimore, and the aircraft carrier Constellation CVA-64 that was built in the 1960s are found here. Naturally the main focus of the exhibits is the 1854 ship itself.

Two hundred years of naval history are reflected in this museum, which is housed on the only ship that was active in the Civil War that is still afloat today. It is the last sail only warship built for the Navy. It is one of two ships afloat today that participated in the pre-Civil War US African Squadron against the illegal slave trade.

It is also an example of the Chesapeake Bay wooden ship-building industry, and the largest example at that.

The museum staff not only attends to the public and carries out the upkeep of the site but also carries out education with youth groups and provides job and practical learning experience to local young people "at risk'' in this city.

On arriving at the USS Constellation, Baltimore, MD, visitors receive a complimentary audio tour wand to guide visitors on their exploration of the ship and the 200 artifacts aboard. Prior to boarding, a calendar of events is on display which mentions any special activities occurring in the course of the day at the museum. This includes the schedule of historic enactments and hands on activities programmed for that day.

Special speaking events happen on the second Saturday of each month.

Uniformed crew members on the sloop are ready to answer questions throughout the four decks of this ship which was manned by a 325 person crew when it sailed the seas.

The museum is available for rental as a unique venue for events, parties and weddings. Up to 600 guests can be entertained on the pier adjoining the vessel.

The USS Constellation, Baltimore, MD, offers a range of educational programs that include half day visits to overnight stays for classes and youth groups. These can be arranged on any day of the week and run from 5 pm to 9 AM. The stay includes two aboard ship meals.

The ship is partially accessible to wheelchairs. There is a lift to deliver wheelchairs on to the museum and two of the four decks, the gun deck and the spar deck, which is topside, are also accessible.

An audio tour can assist the visually impaired and a written transcript of the same tour is available for the hearing impaired.

Constellation memorabilia is available in the ship store.

Financial and in-kind donations are always being sought to assist in maintaining this historic landmark museum afloat.

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Aug 4, 2010 @ 11:23 pm
I think I have an artifact from the constellation frigate dated 1797, it looks like a letter opener, but I don't know if it's authentic, please email me and I can send a pic,,,thanks roger miro

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