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The Union Station in Denver, CO, has become a real hotspot in the way of travel and things to do in the area. Being that it is real close to a lot of places to see and go, it provides an easy way to get to the center of many places to see or shop.

The original train station was built in the heyday of train travel. Its goal was to connect four different trains, giving travelers an easy way to transfer from one train to another. The station was built in 1868 and began operations in 1881. Various additions and rebuilding have taken place over the years. Now, another one will soon be completed.

At one time, this station handled up to 80 trains a day. Now, there are hardly any, but the new plans will revive some train travel through the area. The goal is to make the Union Station into a transit-oriented development (TOD), which means that it will enable people to maximize access to public transportation - trains, buses (regional and intercity), taxis, bikes, and more.

Immediately around the train station are many popular tourist places in the city. This enables visitors to get the most of their time when using public transportation because they are within easy walking distance of many hot places. Visitors to the train station are within comfortable walking distance of Malls, theater, museums, sports games, restaurants, and more.

Right next to the train station is an area called Riverfront Park. It is an area that is part of the master-planned community that has access to the city's transportation hub.

There is also a space for a market - right up next to the train station. During appropriate seasons, farmers and various artisans can sell their produce and other goods. This makes it very easy to shop and find what you need quickly.

Entertainment is another option at the train station. When you want to just sit down and relax - and be entertained - there is a place for that, too. At different times of the year, you can attend free outdoor concerts, watch a parade, fireworks displays, a festival, and many other events.

The grounds around the train station are also friendly to pedestrians. A large parking lot was removed and a park put in its place. Now, there are some wonderful water fountains, producing a relaxing atmosphere. Various works of art also adorn the grounds.

When you get hungry, you can find just what you need quickly. In the station, there are six plazas that offer visitors and travelers a number of choices. They can go to a kiosk or a full restaurant - or anything in between. Places are available for groups to sit down, relax, and do lunch together, too.

Traveling to and from the Union Station in Denver, CO will give you a more relaxed feeling as you come and go. The massive structures provide a lot of light with their glass and steel design. It is also made to be spacious, but giving travelers as short of a distance as possible when changing from one mode of transportation to the next - to wherever you may be headed next.

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