Vermilionville, Lafayette, LA

Vermilionville is part of the Bayou Vermilion District in Lafayette Parish Louisiana. The district consists of administrative offices, bayou operations, and Vermilionville. It was created in 1984. Vermilionville is a folk and heritage park. The location is 300 Fisher Road. The idea of the entire district was to create a place that could improve the quality of the water as well as to provide a recreational area with culture preservation in mind. The Bayou Vermilion was the most polluted waterway in Louisiana until the district began. In the last 20 years pollution has been reduced.

At Vermilionville residents and tourists are able to gather information and take seminars and workshops to find out more about the natural resources of Louisiana and how to protect them. The other side of the Vermilionville project is to ensure culture is not lost. Louisiana has a high concentration of Cajun and Creole heritage. There are also Acadiana cultures which date to the 1765 and 1890's. Vermilionville has a historical village, with 18 buildings all original. Traditional arts and crafts and music are shared in the village. A restaurant, gift shop, and art gallery provide more for those visiting Vermilionville.

Since the location is that of a bayou there are plants and trees to view via trails or boat tours. The boat tours are often with canoes or swamp boats which cut down on pollution. Wildlife is prevalent at the village. Alligators, several bird species, and other reptiles can be seen. There are four projects going on at Vermilionville.

The first is the Acadian Heritage Quilt Squares project. A community organization comes to Vermilionville to create quilt squares. A number of cultures are part of this activity. The squares have to be 9 by 9 inches depicting something of the Acadian culture. A tapestry is then created so others may view the intricate craftsmanship.

The Fait a la Main is an Art creation. The project is one in which a Bousillage Fireplace and Chimney building is going to be constructed. Those who have a hand in building homes are allowed to take part in the creation of this Bousillage. Mud and Spanish moss are used to make it historically relevant. The third event is the Bateau and Palmetto Hut additions. A master boat builder is helping to construct the additions so that they are historically accurate. Individuals are allowed to take part or just come and watch the construction with the free event day.

The fourth project is the Palmetto hut in which the construction techniques date to the 1840's. The hut is meant to be a replication of a Houma Indian structure. Besides these projects which are on going the park offers events during the year as well as tours. Park hours and admission were not listed on the official site.

Another interesting part about Vermilionville is the classes and camps offered to guests. There is a cooking school in which students can learn Cajun and Creole cuisine. They will also learn techniques used in the past for how to cook.

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