West Coast Game Safari, Bandon, Oregon

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The "Original Walk Thru'' Safari is the West Coast Game Safari in Bandon, Oregon. This zoo is a lot different than most because visitors are able to walk thru the park meeting, petting, and filming several of the free roaming wildlife. Tourists can pet a cub, a pup or a kit, while meeting several species of young animals that the park attendants care for. The park is dedicated to preservation, education, and propagation. The park hand raises the animals of the wild to ensure that they have the proper diet and life. The park was first opened in 1968.

Hours of operation do vary around the year. January and February the park is only open on weekends from 10 am to 4:30pm. During March the park begins to open at 9:30am to 5pm on a daily basis. June through Labor Day the park is open from 9am to 6pm. They are closed for major holidays. In December the park is open daily from 10am to 4:30pm. Admission does vary with age. Children under 2 are free, 2-6 years old is $5.50, 12 and under is $8.75, and adults are $15.

There is a wide range of species at the zoo. Not all animals are featured animals, meaning that some are not available for petting. Animals at the zoo include the African Serval Cat, Baboon, Hamadryas, Barbados Sheep, Bears, Binterong, Black Buck Antelope, Camel; Capybara, Caracal, Chinese Muntijac, Cougar, DeBrazza's Monkeys, Emu, Goats, and Lemurs. Also at the zoo are Lemurs, Leopards, Lions, Llamas, Lynx, Milgai, Panther, Peccari Boar, Peacocks, Raccoon, South American Rhea; Silver Fox, Snow Leopard, Swans, Tigers, Wallaby, White Skunk, and Zebra.

The featured animals will change. The zoo attendants will decide which of their animals will be on display. When it comes to the cats, only babies are allowed to walk among people. At the moment Bentley, an African Leopard cub; Kesa, a Siberian Lynx; Bella and Moomba, African lion cubs are on display. These four cubs are the newest additions to the park.

To make the most of a visit, tourists are able to take advantage of the zoo gift shop. The gift shop offers posters, gift boxes, collectibles, clothing, stuffed animals, toys and more. They even have a parrot named Max to meet you in the gift shop. He is friendly and can speak.

West Coast Game Park Safari is located on the Oregon coast. Tourists and residents of the area can visit the beach, find annual events, and experience the west coast. There is a light house for tourists to visit on the point, among a slightly rocky shore. For tourists heading to the shore after the zoo can be yet another wildlife experience. Sea lions can line the beaches and there are birds to look out for. The zoo does have a few stands for food, mostly hot dogs and hamburgers. Around the zoo are restaurants with seafood, steak, and other American cuisine a tourist may want to enjoy.

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Jan 12, 2011 @ 2:14 pm
There's a bit of good in with the Bad about this park. Though you get to pet and see exotic animals up close, you have to realise that these animals are in poor sized cages, with no enrichment. The animals at the park that I have seen have been either injured or sick. Some are stuck in cages with more than one animal, even though they are solitary creatures. And the breeding program is not what you think it is. Cubs, every year, sometimes twice a year from one female? That's not the natural breeding cycle for animals, it's more like the breeding done at a puppy mill. And they don't always go off to zoos. I've asked the Portland zoo if they recieved a cougar in 09 from the park, and their response was no. And the black spotted leopards were to go to Sigfried and Roy? Where did they really go? I think they are misinforming their visitors.

Please, do not support this company's treatment of their animals.

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