A million new jobs in just three sectors

Andrey Kamenov

Andrey Kamenov, Ph.D. Probability and Statistics

The U.S. Census Bureau recently released the newest version of its County Business Patterns data. In this post, we take a look at the industries and states that have added the most new jobs since the previous year.

There was a widespread growth in job numbers in 2013. Only two sectors have seen marginal decreases: Agriculture and Utilities.

Once we take the best-performing sectors of 2013, we see that more than 40 percent of all new jobs belong to one of the three NAICS sectors:

  • Accommodation & Food Services
  • Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services
  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

In total, those three sectors have added 988,000 new jobs in 12 months.


We have omitted sectors where less than five percent of all new jobs have been created, such as Manufacturing or Finance.

Geographically, the western states have generally performed better this year, showing statewide growth of around three percent. The map below is interactive, so you can click on it to see which counties have added a significant number of jobs.

Los Angeles is the only county that added more than 100,000 jobs. Other places near the top of the list are taken by Harris County, TX (89,000), New York County (54,000) and Cook County, IL (51,000).

Not one county has lost a significant number of jobs. Philadelphia County is down 12,000 jobs and Hamilton County, OH has lost almost 10,000.

Source: the US Census Bureau County Business Patterns data

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Andrey Kamenov

Andrey Kamenov, Ph.D. Probability and Statistics

Andrey Kamenov is a data scientist working for Advameg Inc. His background includes teaching statistics, stochastic processes and financial mathematics in Moscow State University and working for a hedge fund. His academic interests range from statistical data analysis to optimal stopping theory. Andrey also enjoys his hobbies of photography, reading and powerlifting.

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