Industries with highest divorce rates

Alexander Fishkov, Ph.D. student Computer Science

In this post we will again explore the 2013 year’s PUMS five-year survey data from the American Community Survey. Now we are also interested in the relationship between marital status and job industry, but this time we will look for industries with the highest divorce rates. We expect that the values of divorce rate will be relatively low, since 88.5 percent of the respondents who were employed at the time of survey were married.

Among the major occupation groups, the Healthcare Support industry has the highest divorce rate at nearly 15 percent. Office and Administrative workers follow with 14 percent, and Production employees with 13 percent. These values may look low, but we should note that national divorce rate is only 11.5 percent.

Next, we will go deeper to the minor occupation groups to explore the situation in more detail.

In this classification, the highest divorce rate is among Communications Equipment Operators, reaching as high as 30 percent. Next are Bartenders and Nurses, with 29 percent and 28 percent respectively. On the other hand, Engineers and Physical Scientists have a very high chance of being married: divorce rates in these divisions are lower than 10 percent.

At the extreme we can see an interesting picture: the lowest divorce rate (surprising or not?) is among Religious Workers. This is notable, because different religions have different regulations for their clergy. For some organizations, marriage is required for a certain rank in clergy, while in others clergy members are prohibited from marrying.

In summary, the industries with highest divorce rate are Healthcare Support, Office and Administrative workers and Production. The highest marriage rate is achieved in the Management, Architecture and Engineering and Legal industries.

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Alexander Fishkov, Ph.D. student Computer Science

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