Christmas is America’s favorite holiday season

Pavel Prikhodko, Ph.D. Machine Learning

Christmas is a civil holiday and an important part of the holiday season. During the Christmas shopping season, sales increase in almost all retail sectors. According to, the most popular gift in the United States across all income levels is gift cards: 52 percent.

The statistics show that American consumers expected to spend an average of about $830 on Christmas gifts in 2015. In comparison, the average sum in 2014 was $720. In 2013, U.S. consumers spent approximately $704, compared to $770 in 2012. The highest average spending occurred in 2007; this year, Americans spent an average of $866 dollars on Christmas gifts.



During the Christmas shopping season, many people prefer to buy gifts and goods using the internet: 47 percent of all shoppers did so in 2015. About 45 percent of respondents said that they were likely to buy their holiday gifts at discount or value department stores, while 30 percent of consumers chose traditional department stores. The shares of the respondents who preferred off-price stores and toy stores were 24 percent and 23 percent accordingly. About 22 percent shopped at outlet stores during the Christmas season.


In 2015, holiday season retail e-commerce revenues reached $79.4 billion (a 13.9 percent increase over the previous year). Retail e-commerce revenues in 2013 amounted to $60.92 billion, compared to $53.34 billion in 2012.

Christmas is such a wonderful and long-awaited holiday. Some cities in the U.S. are associated with the Christmas season and even named after Santa Claus’ reindeer. For example, the town of Rudolph, Wisconsin housed 439 inhabitants in 2010. The city of Snowflake, Arizona was home to 5,590 people. The most densely populated U.S. town with a Christmas-related name was Mount Holly, North Carolina, which housed 13,656 inhabitants in 2010.

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