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Pavel Prikhodko, Ph.D. Machine Learning

According to Statista.com, the number of people wearing tattoos is growing each year. In 2012, 21 percent of Americans had one or more tattoos. In comparison, the total rates of tattooed people in 2003 and 2008 were 16 percent and 14 percent respectively. If we examine the rate by gender, it is interesting to note that female respondents are tattooing their bodies more actively in recent years. In 2012, about 23 percent of women had one or more tattoos, compared to 19 percent of men. In 2008, 13 percent of female respondents and 15 percent of male respondents were tattooed. The percentages of tattooed males and females in 2003 were 16 and 15 percent accordingly.


In 2012, about 22 percent of people aged 18 to 24 had at least one tattoo on their body, while the share of tattooed people aged 25 to 29 was 30 percent in 2012. The largest percentage (38 percent) was seen among people between 30 and 39. The total rate of tattooed respondents from 40 to 49 was 27 percent.


In 2013, tattooed people mostly worked in the agriculture and ranching sector: roughly 22 percent. The rate of American tattoo lovers involved in the hospitality, tourism and recreation industry was 20 percent in 2013. Arts and media was the third largest occupation sector for those who had tattoos: 16 percent. The percentage of tattooed Americans who worked in finance, healthcare or professional service sectors was the same (13 percent).


The results of the recent Statista survey in 2015 examined the opinions of young American adults towards tattoos. During the survey, 33 percent of respondents reported that they had neither a favorable nor unfavorable opinion about tattoo culture. Almost 20 percent of respondents stated their opinion as somewhat unfavorable, and 17 percent stated it as very unfavorable. The number of people who thought that a tattoo is a very favorable or somewhat favorable thing was 14 percent and 12 percent accordingly. Almost 5 percent of respondents didn’t have an opinion of tattoos.


Some people think of tattoos as an art, just like sculptures or paintings. The largest share of respondents (63 percent in 2015) claimed that tattoo design can be considered an art. Only 25 percent of all respondents stated that tattoos can’t be considered an art, and the rest (12 percent) were unsure of their opinion. Young adults in America are also had all shades of opinions on safety of getting a tattoo. According to the survey in 2015, 48 percent of respondents (the largest share) stated they think getting a tattoo is generally safe, while 30 percent considered getting a tattoo as generally unsafe for their health. More than 20 percent of people were unsure about safety.

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Almost 80 percent of people responded that they did not regret getting any of their tattoos. Meanwhile, 22 percent of tattooed people regretted their experience.

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