Coffee consumption in the United States


Pavel Prikhodko, Ph.D. Machine Learning

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the United States. The most common form consumed in the U.S. is roasted coffee. Back in 2011, Americans consumed about 20,837 million bags of roasted coffee. Soluble coffee and coffee pods were less popular among Americans. The consumption of soluble coffee in 2011 amounted to 1,206 million bags, while the consumption of coffee pods approximated to 358,000 units. In the United States, coffee consumption has remained quite stable in recent years. In 2010, people in America consumed 20,519 million bags of roasted coffee, 1,264 million bags of soluble coffee and 260,000 units of coffee pods.  The average American adult worker spent about $21.32 on coffee per week in 2013. In 2012, the average weekly spending on coffee was slightly lower: $21.


Now that we’ve seen how much Americans people love coffee, let’s examine the most popular places to drink coffee in the United States. According to a 2015 survey, the largest share of coffee drinkers (almost 75 percent) stated that their favorite place to consume some coffee was at home. The survey also showed that 12 percent of coffee cups were consumed at work. About 8 percent of coffee cups were consumed at an eating establishment, while 4 percent were consumed while travelling.


In the United States, tea is coffee’s largest competitor. If we break down coffee versus tea preference by age group, we see that 42 percent of people aged 18-29 prefer coffee, and the same percentage prefer tea. People aged 30-44 mostly prefer to drink coffee — 50 percent versus 35 percent. The coffee dominance is still prevalent in the 45-64 age group. Thus, 62 percent preferred coffee, while 28 percent preferred tea. The highest rate of coffee lovers was recorded among people aged 65 or older: 70 percent. Only 21 percent of people in this age group were tea lovers.


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  1. Hello, Great article! Thank you, it was very interesting. Being an avid coffee drinker I often wonder about coffee consumption and the possible long term health risks.
    Side note: In case you are not aware it looks like there might be a typo on the graph, “Most Popular Types of Coffee in the U.S.” On the left column the word thousands shows “tousands”. If I am in error please disregard.

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