The production of frozen yogurt and ice cream

Pavel Prikhodko, Ph.D. Machine Learning

The sweetest part of the frozen foods industry is the frozen desserts category. The frozen desserts sector combines categories such as regular and low-fat ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet and other frozen treats.

A popular favorite, frozen yogurt is a frozen, low-calorie dessert which is often served in a wide range of flavors. The production of this type of dessert is nothing but impressive in the United States. In 2010, more than 50 million gallons of frozen yogurt were produced; by 2011, this number increased to 62.7 million gallons. While this increase is impressive, the following two years were the real celebration for frozen yogurt lovers.

The production of frozen yogurt approximated to 74 million gallons in 2012. The amount was even higher in 2013: 74.48 million gallons! So, 2013 was the important year for those who can’t live without frozen yogurt. In 2014 and 2015, production of the frozen treat began to decline, dipping to 66.76 million gallons in 2014 and 68.72 million gallons in 2015.


If we take a look at another popular frozen dessert, ice cream, we can analyze the production of hard ice cream in California and other states. In 2010, about 142,000 gallons of ice cream were produced in the state of California. At the same time, all of the other states combined produced about 657,000 gallons of hard ice cream. In 2012, the rest of the nation produced around 607,000 gallons of ice cream, while California produced 131,000 gallons. In 2013, California produced over 128,500 gallons of regular hard ice cream (the other states produced a bit over 548,000 gallons). The same production rate of hard ice cream was recorded in California in 2014 and 2015: 129,002 gallons. The other states together produced 523,200 gallons and 510,000 gallons in 2014 and 2015 respectively.


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