The vegan lifestyle: Is it healthy or not?

Pavel Prikhodko, Ph.D. Machine Learning

A healthy lifestyle has become a kind of fashion in the modern world; the vegan lifestyle is one of the trends. According to the results of a survey that asked consumers globally if they follow vegan diets in 2016, about 2 percent of the respondents from North America stated that they are vegans. The same percent was recorded in Europe. The share of people from Latin America who indicated that they follow a vegan diet was 4 percent.

In that year, some 6 percent of respondents from Africa and the Middle East followed a vegan diet. The largest percentage of people who are vegans was recorded in the Asia-Pacific region — 9 percent of the respondents stated themselves as vegans.


In May of last year, U.S. consumers were asked if they consider the vegan diet to be healthy or not. About 35 percent of the respondents considered the vegan diet to be somewhat healthy, while 26 percent said that the vegan diet is very healthy and 19 percent said that the vegan diet is not very healthy. There were also people who stated that the vegan diet is not healthy at all (6 percent of the surveyed respondents). About 10 percent of U.S. consumers have heard of the vegan diet but were unsure about its healthiness, while only 3 percent have never heard of vegan diet.


According to a survey fielded online by Harris Interactive in March 2014, some 12 percent of U.S. adults considered the “vegan” attribute as a somewhat important driver for their food purchase decisions. Just 7 percent of the surveyed adults said that it is very important while purchasing food and beverages. The number of people who think that the “vegan” attribute is not very important amounted to 20 percent, while 57 percent said that it is not at all important.


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Pavel Prikhodko, Ph.D. Machine Learning

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10 thoughts on “The vegan lifestyle: Is it healthy or not?”

  1. I just want to say veganism has saved mine and my husband’s lives and probably our marriage too with our sex life improving so drastically after loosing 30 lb on my part and 50 on his. We look and feel amazing! Even better than we did when we were first married. If you are interested in learning more and doing this for yohrself, I strongly suggest you watch the documentary on Netflix called ‘What The Health’. This is the ‘diet’ that actually works. fast. (Btw you won’t starve! God made plenty of plants for us to eat 🙂

  2. Here’s the key to veganism, commitment. It’s not a diet where you sometimes cheat or eventually go back to eating a “little” meat, dairy and eggs. Every time you cheat, an animal suffers or is killed. That’s the reality of what we are talking about. If you wish to be or remain vegan, you have to make a commitment to the animals. It’s ultimately not about you or your health or your pleasure.

    1. I agree. To me it is all about the animals. I feel so good after being vegetarian for 35 years and now trying vegan is even better.

  3. This is an opinion poll. Opinions don’t prove much. Perhaps a vegan diet is healthy, perhaps not. First of all, how is it defined? Do people balance there meals to make for complete proteins? Do they ever have problems with anemia or B vitamin deficiencies? Opinions are not facts so this survey doesn’t answer the main question: Is a vegan diet healthy?

  4. I’m a 6x cancer survivor who has not had any chemo. The only surgery was a la perks copy which was not effective cut I had 2 cancers in my uterus, which I might add is healthy & intact. I used Noni juice to clean my blood & buzz it targets hormonal cancer. I drank water every hour& used a parasite killer (natural of course), & the Vegan Diet. The diet was best buzz I needed enzymes to help heal my body. Most of my diet was live food. Especially dark green salads daily & plants based protein drinks. God provided two diets in the bible, Gen 1:28-30 & in Lev 11 for a sinful Israel. GOD laid out the blueprint. I’m committed 2 HIM buzz that book saved my life. It was written long before I was born. Research it & the web on how many people used the vegan diet to heal. My MS just about disappeared other than mega extreme stress times. But not like it used to. Symptoms have diminished. My cervical masses & endometriosis is gone. My breastfeeding cancer & double lung cancer is gone. No surgery – no chemo. I had endo at least 3-4 other times. No to mention the garbage canning cyst that grew in none specific places then later started to attack organs. I had 30 cases of pneumonia & double pneumonia, fibromyalgia, COPD, TMJ. The diet really helped. Especially after a woman hit my car breaking my foot in 2 places, bulging every disk in my back herniation 1 in my neck & 1 in my lower back. So I know what enzymes can do. Aide the body in healing or I can use lots of enzymes to break down me at-home thanks. I’m a grandma now!!! I got a new baby to chase as the baby learns to run & walk. All thanks to GOD!!!

  5. Errors; buzz is bcuz, breastfeeding cancer is just breastfeeding cancer . Bulging every disk in my back (,), herniation 1, etc.Again; Enzymes to break down meat- no thanks .

  6. Can we all say baloney? Having worked in the medical field for over 20 years, I can state that I have never heard of success with no chemotherapy and having six cancers involving both lungs, uterus, etc. Publish your CAT scans before and after and maybe, someone will believe.

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