Who is happy or unhappy with their relationship in America?

Pavel Prikhodko, Ph.D. Machine Learning

During a fresh survey conducted by Statista on the current relationship status of Americans, about 55 percent of male respondents stated that they are married. In 2017, the number of female respondents who were married was 48 percent. Some 11 percent of male respondents stated they are married (compared to 13 percent of female respondents). The percentage of single individuals was the same among men and women (29 percent).

About 6 percent of female respondents said that they have a different status, while the number of male respondents who stated the same amounted to 3 percent. Around 3 percent of female respondents and 2 percent of male respondents preferred not to answer about their current relationship status.


We also have some flash facts about another survey regarding how happy Americans are with their current relationship. The number of people who identified their relationship status as “other” and were unhappy with their relationship was 27 percent. Only 1 percent of people who were married or were in a relationship with someone had the same feeling about their relationship. It’s not surprising that 10 percent of single respondents were not happy at all with their current status.

The 51 percent of married respondents replied to the original question, “How happy are you with your current relationship status?” by answering, “We are very happy with our current relationship.” Maybe these people told the truth, or perhaps they had their second halves right to them at that moment; who knows? Nearly 45 percent of respondents who were in a relationship shared the same feeling. A not-insignificant portion of single people said that they were very happy about their relationship status: 29 percent of single respondents. About 35 percent of people who identified their status as other were happy about it, and 31 percent of respondents preferred not to answer at all.


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