Gun crime in Chicago: 2017 report

Andrey Kamenov, Ph.D. Probability and Statistics

In 2017, Chicago had the most gun-violence-related incidents among all U.S. cities. Safety is becoming more and more important to the city’s residents, as well as anyone looking to move to the city.

Just look at the raw numbers: There were 2,547 shootings with at least one victim (excluding accidental ones). In total, 539 people were killed and 2,626 were injured. The most shootings (291) happened in July, while the fewest happened in March (144).

Chicago gun crime by month

The most dreadful shooting occurred on May 7th at a memorial in Brighton Park; it was an act of gang violence, according to the Chicago Police.

The June 11th shooting in Lawndale left nine people injured and is also said to be gang-related. In total, 26 mass shootings (involving four victims or more) happened during 2017. Here’s a map showing all shootings in Chicago with at least one victim.

Shootings with victims in Chicago

Austin had the most total shootings: 292. What’s more, this neighborhood is one of the most dangerous in the city with four times as many incidents per capita than the also-dangerous neighborhood of South Lawndale.

Shootings per 1,000 residents in the largest  neighborhoods

Lake View, West Ridge, Lincoln Park and Portage Park are the safest of the city’s largest neighborhoods.


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